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Ah it is Friday.

Just another regular Friday in the Save the Children office. Postman arrives with 200 knitted squares.

Hang on.

That’s not normal.

200 squares.

Go the little knitters of Australia.



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1500 squares and counting…

So 80,000 squares sounds like a lot. But after just one month of the project we have passed the 1500 milestone. Everyday boxes and envelopes of squares (well mostly squares… ) arrive at our Melbourne office from all over Australia. The amount of mail arriving makes us feel very popular indeed. Only 78,500 to go!

Soon we will start to stitch the squares together. Already the whole office has had knitting lesson – so we are all nimble with the needles. But we will need help – if you feel like giving us a stitch or two of your time we would love to hear from you.


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