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A Gold for Giving in our Tight-Knit Team

We all know that Christmas is the time of giving. And at the rate the knitted squares are streaming in, no-one understands this more than the knitters of Australia. Over one thousand squares received last week. And five Christmas Cards. And two phone calls. And a partridge in a pear tree… not really. But it is only 3 days until Christmas.

Click on the image below to receive our well wishes for the jolly season!

See you in 2010. Thanks for your support.



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Become a Published Knitter: Delivery of the Day

One woman. 8 blankets. Bright colours. Striking design. Definitely the delivery of the day. Thank you B. Thorne.

Want to get a special mention on our Knit One Save One blog? Just knit some squares, or a blanket and post it in. If it doesn’t look quite as polished as these blankets, that’s ok… Just write a nice little note, saying you want a photo of your creation online, we will put an image up, and you will be a published knitter! Easy. For an overview of our Knit One Save One project, instructions on knitting, and where to send your squares click here.

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The Needles Take Flight.

It is time to rejoice, the festive season is here, celebrations are near and we are once again permitted to take knitting needles on-board. Hip hip hooray!

Gone were the days of looking out the 747-window, blanket on knee, knitting peacefully as we headed to a far away land. But the authorities have decided that our pointy-ended weapons of woolly creativity are not so threatening after all. Along with the other necessary in-flight items such as tweezers, and nail files, knitting needles no longer have to rough it in the cargo hold of the plane. Your needles will once again be allowed to accompany you inside the aircraft.

The time has returned to knit and fly my friends.

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Who needs wool?

You have needles. You have skill (skill being loosely defined here as the ability to hold the needles you posses). But you have no wool. Usually this would mean a run down to your local Knitters Heaven to snap-up some delightfully coloured, 100% pure wool, on sale of course, to be knitted into a perfectly square blanket… in just under an hour. What a perfect world that would be. Sadly this is not a perfect world.

But we do have some free wool.

If you have needles (or have $2.50 to buy some needles) then we have the wool. We want to give away this wool to happy, little knitters and then get this wool back as squares. We will then make those squares into blankets and use those blankets to save the lives of children. The world is not perfect. But we are trying.

We are in Melbourne and so is the wool. Contact us so we can give you some.


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The World’s Fastest Knitter

World records are exciting. Knitting is exciting. But world records related to knitting, well that really gets the heart racing.

Just when you think you are getting the hang of this whole knitting thing. Not dropping any stitches. Moving on from scarves to booties. Adding some pearl in amongst your plain. A lady like Miriam comes along.

We should get Miriam on board Knit One Save One. That would definitely result in an adjustment to our project completion date.

But it’s not about speed. It is about the love that goes into every stitch. So more time equals more love right?

Check out these podcasts with Miriam Tegels on KnitPicks to get those nimble fingers knitting like a pro. 118 stitches in 60 seconds isn’t that fast…


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An official knitting announcement

Today officially marks the biggest knitted-square-receiving day of the year.

We received 554 squares. That is 33.625 blankets. And that is 0.6725% of the total blankets that we are aiming for. And that means if we received this many squares every day it would take 149 days for us to hit our 5000 blanket goal. And that would be the middle of May 2010. And all those numbers are a little overwhelming.

I just wanted to let you know that we are getting there.

We also received our first pouch of knitted squares from the Northern Territory. A very exciting day indeed.

A first-class blanket that we received in the mail today (I know it is the knitting cousin crochet – but we won’t hold that against it). Superb design. If Erika was not so generous she could do well on ebay. We feel very privileged. Don’t worry if your blanket is a little less refined… we still want it.


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Who am I knitting for?

I received a good question the other day…

Where will the blankets be sent once our knitted squares are stitched up and ready to go?

Actually, a great question. So here is the answer.

Once our 80,000 squares are stitched into 5000 blankets they will be sent mostly to India. In India Hypothermia is a serious issue for newborns. It leads to Pneumonia, which is the number one killer worldwide of children under 5. This fact sheet produced by the World Health Organization provides more information on Pneumonia and the devastating effect it has on young children.

Our hand-knitted squares will not only keep the babies snug but will also help new mums remember the importance of keeping their babies warm. Every stitch that we make, square that we knit, and blanket that we send off will make a difference.

So who am I knitting for?

I am knitting for newborns – mainly in India. To keep them warm, and improve their chance of avoiding death due to Hypothermia and Pneumonia.

P.S. You are knitting for them too, and I know that they appreciate it.


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