Who am I knitting for?

I received a good question the other day…

Where will the blankets be sent once our knitted squares are stitched up and ready to go?

Actually, a great question. So here is the answer.

Once our 80,000 squares are stitched into 5000 blankets they will be sent mostly to India. In India Hypothermia is a serious issue for newborns. It leads to Pneumonia, which is the number one killer worldwide of children under 5. This fact sheet produced by the World Health Organization provides more information on Pneumonia and the devastating effect it has on young children.

Our hand-knitted squares will not only keep the babies snug but will also help new mums remember the importance of keeping their babies warm. Every stitch that we make, square that we knit, and blanket that we send off will make a difference.

So who am I knitting for?

I am knitting for newborns – mainly in India. To keep them warm, and improve their chance of avoiding death due to Hypothermia and Pneumonia.

P.S. You are knitting for them too, and I know that they appreciate it.



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6 responses to “Who am I knitting for?

  1. Hilda Love

    Please let me know the size of the squares required for the squares. I would like to contribute Thank you, Hilda Love.

  2. Hi Hilda. That is fantastic that you would like to contribute your knitting skills to our cause!
    The size of the squares that we are after is 20cm x 20cm. We will then knit 16 squares (4×4) together to make a blanket (so if you are extra skillful and feel like knitting a whole blanket – we definitely won’t stop you).
    Once you have finished your master piece please send it to us at:
    Knit One Save One
    Save the Children
    Level 6
    250 Victoria Parade
    East Melbourne VIC 3002

    Every stitch and square is much appreciated.
    For more information on where to send what check out our website:
    Thanks Hilda.

  3. Anne Marie Sommerville

    Just found the bit about ‘who’ and ‘where’….
    Not so good around computors.

    I want to get involved -after hearing about your
    campagne on the ABC Radio this morning telling us about the celebrity blankets….esp Peter Cundell’s blanket. I don’t use Ebay or online banking…..but I can knit!!!
    AMS …Tas

  4. Hi Anne – glad that you found the answers to your questions! And lovely to hear that you heard about our project on the ABC. I look forward to receiving your squares. Keep us updated on how the knitting is going.
    Thanks for your support!

  5. Anne

    I coordinate a knitting group at the local church, where we knit for charities. This morning I was handed your advertisement from a newspaper asking for squares.I know nothing about this project and feel hesitant promoting it to the ladies without a little knowledge.
    Is this a year round project? If not what period does it run for?
    We are in Sydney, is there a collection point here?
    We could make the blankets up, if you wish, so do you have any special instructions?
    I look foreward to hearing from you and hopefully start knitting for you

    • Hi Anne,
      Thanks for getting in contact. We would love the support of your knitting group.
      The duration of the Knit One Save One project will be determined by when we reach our 80,000 square goal. We have just over 4000 squares at the moment, and the project has been running for 3 months. So at this rate it looks like it will run for the most part of 2010. Depends on how fast we all knit!
      Unfortunately we do not have a collection point in Sydney. So you will need to post the knitted squares or blankets to our head office in Melbourne at:
      Knit One Save One
      Save the Children
      Level 6
      250 Victoria Parade
      East Melbourne VIC 3002

      If you can knit the squares into blankets that would be fantastic. We are looking for 20 cm x 20 cm squares, and then 16 squares per blanket.
      To read our full instructions for the project click on the link below.

      Thanks for your support Anne. Any other questions or concerns you may have feel free to ask me.

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