An official knitting announcement

Today officially marks the biggest knitted-square-receiving day of the year.

We received 554 squares. That is 33.625 blankets. And that is 0.6725% of the total blankets that we are aiming for. And that means if we received this many squares every day it would take 149 days for us to hit our 5000 blanket goal. And that would be the middle of May 2010. And all those numbers are a little overwhelming.

I just wanted to let you know that we are getting there.

We also received our first pouch of knitted squares from the Northern Territory. A very exciting day indeed.

A first-class blanket that we received in the mail today (I know it is the knitting cousin crochet – but we won’t hold that against it). Superb design. If Erika was not so generous she could do well on ebay. We feel very privileged. Don’t worry if your blanket is a little less refined… we still want it.



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9 responses to “An official knitting announcement

  1. Jamie

    hey just wondering when tis will end? will it be when you reach the 80000 mark?

    im holding a knitathon / teaparty and invited all my girlfriends to tunnel though 20 or so yarns of wool in one sitting… its just im intending to hold it in january or february… im hoping it will still be on by then?

    • Hi Jamie,
      At this stage the project will finish up when we hit 80,000 and based on an optimistic outlook that would be the middle of next year. So unless something major happens and we are inundated with squares it will definitely still be running when you hold your knitathon. Great idea. Love it.

      • bryonyandsarah

        Wow, 554 squares is great work. Have you tapped the knitting clubs? Are they coming from all over the world or just all over Australia?

    • Anne Marie Sommerville

      Brilliant idea about the tea party.
      Want to make it a progressive one??
      Knit…then entree…knit..main course…
      knit…dessert…knit…coffee and chocolate.
      It’s the chocolate that will spur you all on to
      knit fast!
      Hope it goes off with much clacking of needles

      AM in Tas
      Might be ‘an all-nighter’ ?

  2. L

    Hey, when does your office close for Christmas?

    Also, is it possible to take squares into state offices or stores, or must they be posted? (I’m in Adelaide).


  3. hi bryonyandsarah,
    We have received a large proportion of our squares from knitting clubs. At this stage they are just coming from within Australia. Save The Children U.K. also did a large Knit One Save One campaign that was similar to what we are doing, and they tapped the U.K. and European market. Our little Aussie Knitters are doing a mighty fine job!

  4. Anne Marie Sommerville

    I am wondering where these blankets go once they are finished.
    What areas are needing woollen blankets?
    How will they be used and distributed?

    What kind of blankets would be needed in very hot countries?
    Thank you

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