The World’s Fastest Knitter

World records are exciting. Knitting is exciting. But world records related to knitting, well that really gets the heart racing.

Just when you think you are getting the hang of this whole knitting thing. Not dropping any stitches. Moving on from scarves to booties. Adding some pearl in amongst your plain. A lady like Miriam comes along.

We should get Miriam on board Knit One Save One. That would definitely result in an adjustment to our project completion date.

But it’s not about speed. It is about the love that goes into every stitch. So more time equals more love right?

Check out these podcasts with Miriam Tegels on KnitPicks to get those nimble fingers knitting like a pro. 118 stitches in 60 seconds isn’t that fast…



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2 responses to “The World’s Fastest Knitter

  1. bryonyandsarah

    Wow, I reckon in a day Miriam could knit a whole wardrobe. Puts my half-finished beret to shame.

  2. dulcie turner

    hi my nameis dulcie i have just send you a bag of squares from tassie.will do you same more .

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