Who needs wool?

You have needles. You have skill (skill being loosely defined here as the ability to hold the needles you posses). But you have no wool. Usually this would mean a run down to your local Knitters Heaven to snap-up some delightfully coloured, 100% pure wool, on sale of course, to be knitted into a perfectly square blanket… in just under an hour. What a perfect world that would be. Sadly this is not a perfect world.

But we do have some free wool.

If you have needles (or have $2.50 to buy some needles) then we have the wool. We want to give away this wool to happy, little knitters and then get this wool back as squares. We will then make those squares into blankets and use those blankets to save the lives of children. The world is not perfect. But we are trying.

We are in Melbourne and so is the wool. Contact us so we can give you some.



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16 responses to “Who needs wool?

  1. R in Adelaide

    Are you able to send wool to interstate stores for them to distribute, or post to individuals? (I’d contribute to freight/postage costs)

    • Sorry to say, but at this stage we are only holding the wool in our Melbourne office for people to come in and collect from us. In order to avoid excess postage costs. But we would love your support, and recommend that you head to one of our interstate stores, or an op-shop to snap up a bag of second hand wool. Thanks and happy knitting!

    • Glenda

      I want to be involved in this can you let me know what size squares,what ply wool and what size needles we need to do are where I send them

      • Hi Glenda. So happy to hear that you would like to be involved. We are after knitted squares 20cm x 20cm. Ideally on 6mm needles. The ply of the wool is not terribly important, but a standard 8 ply would be fantastic. For more detailed instructions click here.
        If you can please then send your squares to our head office in Melbourne that would be great. Our address is:
        Save The Children
        Level 6, 250 Victoria Parade
        East Melbourne
        VIC 3002

        We also have stores located around Australia where you can drop off your squares in person. The see a list of all our store locations click here.

        Thanks for getting involved Glenda. I look forward to receiving your knitting!

    • Anne Marie Sommerville

      To R in Adelaide
      My mum has knitted for Camp Quality for years….there are people who scour the op shops for woollen jumpers. Those who don’t knit learn to un-pick and wash the wool to be passed on to the knitters…. I know it is harder to get nowadays but keep looking. Op shops also have new wool sometimes. Good luck

      From an ‘old Adelaide girl’

  2. Bev Turnbull

    Do you need a postal address for the wool to be sent too!will list for you anyway,thanks Bev.
    18 hedgerow crescent
    Hallett Cove,
    S.A. 5158

    • Hi Bev,
      Unfortunately we are not posting out the wool. If you are located in Melbourne we would love you to stop by and pick up some wool but otherwise we suggest you head to an op shop and purchase some second hand wool, or old knitted jumpers to get your squares on the way.
      Sorry for the inconvenience Bev. We look forward to receiving your knitting. Thanks for the support.

  3. Annie

    I have just found what I have been looking for, I am so thrilled to be able to start knitting for the children. A real purpose to knit . I do have a heap of acrylic and I know you would rather have wool. Is it o.k. to use the acrylic until it runs out and then get wool?

    From another old Adelaide girl.

  4. pammie

    Hi :),

    I just saw the add in the paper today and decided to check up about knit one save one, I know it’s been a while since you’ve started this free wool for squares, but do you have any wool left?? I’d love to knit some squares for you, but if you don’t have any wool, i’ve still got some at home. The best way to spend the school holidays, watching tv and knitting squares!!

    Pammie 🙂

    • Hi Pammie. At this stage, I am sorry to say that we are actually out of the free wool. We have been receiving regular donations of balls of wool though, so I will let you know if any more comes along. Happy knitting holidays!

  5. bridget bainbridge

    Do you need more donations of 100% wool? I can drop off in east melbourne.

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