A Gold for Giving in our Tight-Knit Team

We all know that Christmas is the time of giving. And at the rate the knitted squares are streaming in, no-one understands this more than the knitters of Australia. Over one thousand squares received last week. And five Christmas Cards. And two phone calls. And a partridge in a pear tree… not really. But it is only 3 days until Christmas.

Click on the image below to receive our well wishes for the jolly season!

See you in 2010. Thanks for your support.



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12 responses to “A Gold for Giving in our Tight-Knit Team

  1. Have alway wanted to do something like this but did not know where to start . I am glad that I went into your website and I will be starting to knit squares or maybe a blanket or two. Good work for the kids of the world and Australia. Very happy to be one of the team.

  2. M. Macalister

    Hello there 🙂

    Your website says that you would prefer squares made from pure wool, rather than acrylic. Does that mean you’re not accepting acrylic squares? I have a few of these I’d like to send but I just thought I’d check first.

    • Hi there.
      We are not going to reject acrylic squares – they are still appreciated. We do however, strongly encourage the use of pure wool for knitting as they will give more heat and protection and last a lot longer than the acrylic ones.
      Thanks for your support.

  3. jonesandmilk

    This is such a great idea! Just blogged about it to spread the word. Just started yesterday and have completed my first square, I’m excited because I just bought a book with lots of knitting patterns in there to try out. Some of my reletives are getting into it too.

    • Thanks Carly. Great to hear you are excited about our project, and that you have already completed your first square! We are excited that you blogged about us, and looking forward to receiving your knitting! Put a note in with it so that we know it has come from you.
      Cheers for the support.

  4. Kate

    I read your advert in our local newspaper and think it’s a great idea, I had some spare wool and have knitted one square, hoping to pick up some more wool and do a few more, it doesn’t take long and is an easy way to contribute to others. Thanks

  5. Louise

    I am very excited to be part of this project and have purchased wool and knitted 14 squares in the last two weeks. As I am on holidays I have averaged a square each day, just while I am watching my regular TV shows. I am planning to make up a blanket when I have 16. I plan to talk to workmates when I return from holidays and get them involved. I feel great to be doing something useful.

  6. Hi Louise. It is fantastic that you are so enthusiastic and you are knitting a square a day on holidays – I look forward to receiving your blanket. If you can chat to your work mates and encourage them to get involved as well that would be wonderful. The more knitters the merrier! Thanks for your support Louise.

  7. Everyone is making fantastic progress on this project. I am trying to knit where possible after work and on the week end. Like Mrs. Westly I am knitting in strips, because I hate sewing squares together. I have nearly finished half a rug, but I can see that I had better be quick before this project is completed. I have told a couple of work mates about this project, so here’s hoping for more squares.

    • Hi Bev. Thanks for the support and happy to hear that you are half way through a rug! I am sure you have plenty of time left to finish it – although we are collecting squares at a rapid rate, we still need over 70,000 more!

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