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Calling for knitting volunteers.

There must be many a nimble knitting finger out there. We are receiving squares at such a rapid rate we can barely cope… well that’s not true. We are coping. I am just adapting to typing with my elbows resting on squares, and I forget what colour my desk is. Not a bad thing really.

But with all these squares we now need to make blankets. So today I am putting a call out for any individuals, or knitting groups who are happy to give up a couple of hours a week to help our worthy cause once again.

We are located in Melbourne, so at this stage we are just looking for Melbourne based volunteers. If you are part of a knitting group, or would love to organize a regular morning tea with friends, or can make it into our office to knit squares together then we would love to hear from you.

So please respond to my call – can you chat, drink tea and knit squares into blankets?



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Live Life. Save a life.

Everyday we are reminded of how precious life is. The Haiti earthquake has only brought this home more than ever. Save the Children launched an emergency appeal to help the children and families in earthquake devastated Haiti.

Although Knit One Save One is not directly related to the Haiti Appeal – it is another way that you can help improve the lives of impoverished children around the world, and the response to this project has been amazing. Everyday we receive more squares and blankets and more supporters of our project. We have just clicked over 8000 squares. So we are well on our way to reaching our 80,000 square goal… the first 10% is always the hardest right!

This past week, we have received all shapes and sizes… it is creatively inspiring to witness how the 20cm x 20cm instructions can be interpreted. But all interpretations are appreciated – so no fear if your knitting talent has not yet fully matured. A truly talented soul did send in these green, leaf squares though. Superb.

Use your skills (or gain some skills), knit a square or two, and save a life.


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Another day, another brightly coloured knitted square, another inspirational woman.

A little inspiration from other knitters never goes astray. Every day we receive hundreds of beautifully knitted and designed squares. And only I get to see them. Not very fair. So after reading a card from Sophie in Sydney this morning asking to see more photos of the squares that we are receiving so she could get inspiration for her next batch of knitting I took out the camera and snapped away. Of course you can Sophie. Here are a handful of the squares that we received this morning.

Apart from the photos, there is another source of knitting inspiration that must be shared.

Today we received a box of 7 beautifully, knitted blankets. Enclosed was a letter that read as follows.

‘Mrs. Westley is 86 yrs old, almost completely blind, and has had one leg amputated due to poor circulation. Though almost completely bedridden, she knits the strips that these rugs are made of, changing colour when she has completed a square. To change colours she uses a strip of cardboard with a black mark to indicate the length of knitting needed to complete each square.’

Now she is indeed an inspirational woman, her efforts are much appreciated, and these are her beautiful blankets. Thank you Mrs. Westley.


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Knit One Save One conquers a milestone…

Over 6000 squares. Knitted and counted. Go team. We have now officially knitted 6079 squares. A late delivery of 20 blankets (yep – full blankets!) on a sunny Thursday afternoon was what did it.  A big thank you to the wonderful residents in the Knitting group at Royal Freemason’s. Here’s cheers to clicking needles.


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Knit One Save One aim big for 2010

So you think Christmas holidays. You think summer, sun, beach, ice-cream… knitting? Not really. But the kids at Holy Spirit Community School do. 371 squares hand delivered yesterday courtesy of the 3 / 4 classes. This delivery pulled us over the 5000 square mark. Definitely a precursor for a great 2010. A year to reach our target of 80,000 knitted squares. A year to distribute 5000 woolen blankets to keep newborns warm and improve their chances of survival. A year to encourage you to pick-up some knitting needles, stitch a 20cm square and help to save a life.

These are the New Year’s resolutions of the Knit One Save One project. Very achievable. We just need your help.

Click here to read our instructions on how to knit your way through 2010 and support our New Year’s resolutions.

P.S. We send you a personal thank you card when we receive your squares… now are you tempted to get knitting?


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