Knit One Save One aim big for 2010

So you think Christmas holidays. You think summer, sun, beach, ice-cream… knitting? Not really. But the kids at Holy Spirit Community School do. 371 squares hand delivered yesterday courtesy of the 3 / 4 classes. This delivery pulled us over the 5000 square mark. Definitely a precursor for a great 2010. A year to reach our target of 80,000 knitted squares. A year to distribute 5000 woolen blankets to keep newborns warm and improve their chances of survival. A year to encourage you to pick-up some knitting needles, stitch a 20cm square and help to save a life.

These are the New Year’s resolutions of the Knit One Save One project. Very achievable. We just need your help.

Click here to read our instructions on how to knit your way through 2010 and support our New Year’s resolutions.

P.S. We send you a personal thank you card when we receive your squares… now are you tempted to get knitting?



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4 responses to “Knit One Save One aim big for 2010

  1. Shirley Martin

    I love knitting and always knit for Charity both here and Overseas and I think this is another fantastic program for avid knitters like me.
    I already have about 30 squares done and have encouraged some friends to do likewise.
    Good luck with the project.

  2. Cate Sullivan

    Perhaps you could combine with the Guardian Pharmacies for their winter knitting program. This seems to reach lots of people.

    I will be dropping off some squares soon to the Salamanca Market stall, which is also a great contact with the community.

    Best wishes


  3. Hi Cate. Thanks for the suggestion of joining forces with the Guardian Pharmacies – that is indeed a good program that they have up and running.
    The next time that Save the Children will be at the Salamanca Market store will be on Saturday 27th Jan. It might be easier to drop the squares at our shop. The address is:
    14 Criterion St
    Open: Mon-Fri 10am – 4pm
    Thanks for the support.

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