Knit One Save One conquers a milestone…

Over 6000 squares. Knitted and counted. Go team. We have now officially knitted 6079 squares. A late delivery of 20 blankets (yep – full blankets!) on a sunny Thursday afternoon was what did it.  A big thank you to the wonderful residents in the Knitting group at Royal Freemason’s. Here’s cheers to clicking needles.



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8 responses to “Knit One Save One conquers a milestone…

  1. Susie

    Your blog is brilliant, its great to feel part of something that will help the bubs in India. I have finished 1 square and am half way through another and I am enjoying myself.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Susie. Congratulations on finishing your first square! Fantastic to have you as part of our project, and glad that you are enjoying the blog. I look forward to receiving your squares. Thanks for the support.

  2. Just to let you know I have some residents in an aged care facility starting this wonderful project. I volunteer and we have been knitting bears and cupcakes recently. I came across the ad for your project in our local paper so have been thrilled to get the girls involved! I have written a story on my blog and I will send photos soon. Had hoped Lincraft might give some discount to me for all the wool I purchased but I will work on that one!
    good luck with the count!

    • Hi Michele. So glad you found out about our project, and fantastic to have your support. It would be great to see some photos and if you send them through we will definitely put them up! Good luck with Lincraft – let me know how you go. Thanks again.

  3. Shirley Martin

    I have been knitting for years for Mission World Aid making tiny knits for Aids babies in Africa and am thrilled to find another Charity that needs knitters. I encouraged a group of friends to assist and recently sent off 125 garments. We all love the thought that we are in some way giving back and helping others so now we are knitting squares for your cause. We have already 115 squares and I am happy to sew them together before sending them on. Look forward to more news of your project.

    • Hi Shirley. Welcome to our knitting team, and thanks for encouraging others to get involved too. That is fantastic that you are going to sew them into blankets before you send them on. We definitely need all the help we can get with that! I look forward to receiving your knitting. Thanks.

  4. Karen Flanagan

    Reading this blog has reminded me of how a little goes a long way. I am going to dig out my knitting needles and give it a go to see if i still have the knack for knitting. It’s been 26 years!Keep up the great work everyone. Thanks Karen

    • Hi Karen. Knitting is just like riding a bike – you never forget how to do it! Good luck with picking the needles back up and I look forward to receiving your squares. Thanks for the support.

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