Another day, another brightly coloured knitted square, another inspirational woman.

A little inspiration from other knitters never goes astray. Every day we receive hundreds of beautifully knitted and designed squares. And only I get to see them. Not very fair. So after reading a card from Sophie in Sydney this morning asking to see more photos of the squares that we are receiving so she could get inspiration for her next batch of knitting I took out the camera and snapped away. Of course you can Sophie. Here are a handful of the squares that we received this morning.

Apart from the photos, there is another source of knitting inspiration that must be shared.

Today we received a box of 7 beautifully, knitted blankets. Enclosed was a letter that read as follows.

‘Mrs. Westley is 86 yrs old, almost completely blind, and has had one leg amputated due to poor circulation. Though almost completely bedridden, she knits the strips that these rugs are made of, changing colour when she has completed a square. To change colours she uses a strip of cardboard with a black mark to indicate the length of knitting needed to complete each square.’

Now she is indeed an inspirational woman, her efforts are much appreciated, and these are her beautiful blankets. Thank you Mrs. Westley.



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4 responses to “Another day, another brightly coloured knitted square, another inspirational woman.

  1. kate

    How long do I have to get the squares in, is there a cut off date? Also, I have used acrylic wool so far, will these squares still be okay?

    • Hi Kate,
      There is no cut-off date as such. We are aiming to collect 80,000 squares and we will keep collecting them until we hit that target! We are trying to encourage the use of wool instead of acrylic, purely because it is more fire retardant, a better heat insulator and will last longer. We will accept the acrylic squares that you have already knitted but if you could use wool in the future that would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  2. dee

    Just to let you know, I spotted your little ad in the Brisbane Courier Mail yesterday and am delighted to be able to help. I love knitting and this gives me something worthwhile to knit for. In the back of my cupboard I found some wool, acrylic, mohair blend which is very soft – hope this is Ok to use.

    • We are delighted to have you on board Dee. The wool/acrylic/mohair blend sounds lovely. We are encouraging the use of wool as much as possible and being a blend it is indeed ok to use.

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