Live Life. Save a life.

Everyday we are reminded of how precious life is. The Haiti earthquake has only brought this home more than ever. Save the Children launched an emergency appeal to help the children and families in earthquake devastated Haiti.

Although Knit One Save One is not directly related to the Haiti Appeal – it is another way that you can help improve the lives of impoverished children around the world, and the response to this project has been amazing. Everyday we receive more squares and blankets and more supporters of our project. We have just clicked over 8000 squares. So we are well on our way to reaching our 80,000 square goal… the first 10% is always the hardest right!

This past week, we have received all shapes and sizes… it is creatively inspiring to witness how the 20cm x 20cm instructions can be interpreted. But all interpretations are appreciated – so no fear if your knitting talent has not yet fully matured. A truly talented soul did send in these green, leaf squares though. Superb.

Use your skills (or gain some skills), knit a square or two, and save a life.



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14 responses to “Live Life. Save a life.

  1. Patty Boyd

    I live in the United States but have several friends in Australia. One of them sent me the link to your site. I love to knit. I find it very soothing especially if things are going well for me. Now I can sooth and help someone else too. Thank you so much for doing this. I went out this morning and bought some wool. The yarn I have is all acrylic. But I found some 100% wool at the craft store and already started making squares. I’m going to share this at work and see who else I can get involved. And those leaf squares are amazing!

    • Hi Patty. It is lovely to hear that you are excited about getting involved in our project, and that you find knitting soothing. Fantastic that you found some 100% wool, and that you are planning on spreading the word at work. I was very impressed with the leaf squares as well!
      Thanks for your support Patty, look forward to receiving your squares.

  2. Robyn

    Have started knitting and managed to complete 6 squares,using leftover yarn.
    But I am having difficulties in finding wool since it is “Summer time”in Australia.
    Can you help with some suggestions of how I can find some more knitting wool, hopefully at a cheap price.
    I have tapped into family members and friends…..So
    Any ideas?

    • Hi Robyn. Hhhmm… where to get some good wool? We do often receive donations of wool balls, and if you are in Melbourne you could come and pick some up (just check we have some first before you make the trek to our office). Otherwise the op shops are great places to find some second hand wool, or even old woolen jumpers that can be washed and unraveled. Good luck!

  3. Wendy

    I am so glad that I followed a few links and found this site. I have been thinking of doing something worthwhile this year – so this will be a start. Time to get the needles out and find some wool. Happy blankets on the way!

  4. Hi Wendy. Welcome to the Knit One Save One team. Glad to have you on board! I look forward to receiving your squares. Happy knitting!

  5. dee

    Hi Robyn
    Today my local Spotlight store was having a bit of a ‘clear out’ to make way for new stock. They had some Panda Woolbale 8 ply pure new wool on sale for $1 a 50g ball. The assistant said that other stores might possibly be doing the same. It is not signposted ‘sale’ or anything, but the balls are in the wool section, and each ball has a label ‘Sale, $1.00’. Hope you are as lucky as me in finding some.

  6. Alison

    Just wanted to mention that Clegs on Elizabeth St in Melbourne also has some yarn bargains at the moment. The “Woolbale” brand is only $1.95 a ball, if Spotlight has run out.

  7. jonesandmilk

    Just a tip if anyone else is looking for a bargain or just needs to find some extra balls, at Needlenook in South Australia we have a section of half price odd dye lots and I’ve seen some wool and merino in there. We also have a brand called Heirloom which is really soft wool and have plenty of colours at $3. You can also order online if you’re interstate, just google them. I hope that helped 🙂

  8. debra

    Is it to late to become involved in the knitting of squares. thanks

    • Hi Debra. It is definitely not too late to become involved with Knit One Save One. Although we are receiving squares at a rapid rate – we have just hit 13,000 so we still have 67,000 to go!
      We would love people to continue knitting both squares and blankets.
      Thanks for you support of our project.

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