Stars, Squares and Stripes. Knitted Blankets Galore.

Stars, Squares and StripesKnit One Save One is primarily doing the big push for 20cm by 20cm knitted squares. And today we are only 23 squares away from cracking the 12,000 mark. A hip hip hooray and a big pat on the back for us all.

The response has evidently been overwhelming. But it seems that the level of knitting skill, dedication and perhaps stitching speed is forever increasing. Every day the number of knitted blankets (not just squares) arriving grows. As much as we love to open a parcel of squares, the squeal of excitement that escapes for a fully knitted blanket is impossible to muffle.

So if you are able to knit a full blanket that would be fantastic (we do count it as 16 squares… so the tally receives a great boost!).

We also received a wonderful response to our call for knitting volunteers and will be in contact with you all shortly. If you would still like to be part of our team that will knit the squares into blankets it is not too late to shout out. We are looking primarily for Melbourne based volunteers… but we are also trying to sort something out in Sydney. Just send an email with your details to

Conclusion: There are many knitters out there with big hearts. And we only need 68,000 more squares… ‘only’ not the appropriate choice of word… so may the hearts continue to grow, and may the fingers continue to knit.



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5 responses to “Stars, Squares and Stripes. Knitted Blankets Galore.

  1. Sophie


    I’m a beginner knitter. I’ve been knitting plain squares (and slowly working towards enough for a whole blanket). Would love to hear from some of the more experienced knitters with ideas for something more interesting (but still relatively simple) I could do for my squares.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. WANDA

    Hi Sophie,
    I have just read your note on making knitting squares a little more interesting. My suggestion is that you get a sample square knitting book. You can do simple variations such as moss stitch, double moss stitch, basket weaves – all very simple.
    One extra thing. On the first stitch of each row rather than knitting a plain stitch do a purl and then resume with plain. This makes a tighter edge on your knitting and easier to sew up. Happy knitting. Wanda

  3. Sophie

    Thanks Wanda. Tried doing the first stitch of the row in purl on the square I made last night. Worked really well.

  4. Maggie Womersley

    Hi … is there a deadline for sending in squares ? … I’ve just started knitting after seeing the little ad in The Age. I had been looking for a worthwhile use for my wool stash. cheers Maggie

    • Hi Maggie. That is fantastic that you have just started knitting squares for our Knit One Save One project! Welcome to the team. We are aiming to reach our goal of 80,000 squares – so the project will continue until then (so no set deadline). At this stage we have almost hit 20,000 squares so if we keep going at this rate we will probably hit out target around October. So please continue to knit. Happy knitting!

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