P is for People who knit.

We receive blankets and squares from all types of people. Young people. Old people. Individual people. Groups of people. Probation and Parole people. Wow – too many p’s…

But we did actually receive a lovely, neat stack of knitted blankets tied together with a pink bow and all from the lovely people at the Metropolitan South Probation and Parole Region, in Brisbane.

Check out their knitted stack.

Blankets knitted by a group of Probation and Parole Officers from the Metropolitan South Probation and Parole Region, Brisbane.



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5 responses to “P is for People who knit.

  1. dulcie turner

    well done every one

  2. Susie

    Isn’t that wonderful and so colourful well done to them

  3. Anna

    dear knit one save one,
    i just stumbled upon your superduper project , and though i can’t knit to save myself i do write a blog on creativity and small ways people can use it to change the world. I just wrote a post on the project – check it out if you wish and feel free to forward it to any friends you think might be interested 🙂
    all the best and good luck,

  4. Lyn

    This pile of blankets is beautiful – they look so cosy, colourful & warm. Well done all of the knitters who contributed to them.

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