When should we host our Knit One Save One Stitching Session? Vote now.

We received such positive feedback from our call for knitting volunteers blog post that it was difficult to find a day and time to sew our squares into blankets that suited you all!

So we have decided to run a poll.

Please place your vote, to let us know when we should hold our regular Knit One Save One Stitching Session. This Stitching Session is sewing the knitted squares that we have received into blankets (so far 17,303 squares!). We have proposed three different times and days to hold the sessions at our office on Victoria Parade in East Melbourne. If you are not available at these times, or do not live in Melbourne, but would like to host your own Stitching Session please let us know via the poll.

Once everyone has voted we will post the details for the first Knit One Save One Stitching Session here on the blog. Bring on sewing squares into blankets, drinking tea and friendly chatter!



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4 responses to “When should we host our Knit One Save One Stitching Session? Vote now.

  1. Natalie Barron

    I have started knitting 6 inch squares and have completed 24 so far. Would you like me to sew them together? If so, what size do you ned the finished blanket to be? Also, does it need to be backed with say flanelette? I am happy to do this and send the completed blankets as I get enough squares done. I have enlisted help from my local sewing group, so hope to have quite a few more squares/blankets to send.
    Natalie Barron

    • Hi Natalie. That is fantastic that you have enlisted some of your sewing group to knit squares for our Knit One Save One project. We are almost a quarter of the way there, but still need lots more squares!
      In regards to sewing your squares into a blanket – that would be super. We are making the blankets 4 squares x 4 squares (so 16 squares per blanket). You do not need to back the blanket with flanelette – a simple knitted blanket is perfect.
      Thanks for your support Natalie!

  2. dulcie turner

    hello iam in hobart .and have finsh 16 squares i will bring them into the shop.you are getting a lot of squares regards dulcie

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