Exciting Knitting News…20,000 squares and a Stitch’n’Sip event.

Two exciting things happened today.

We reached the 20,000 knitted square mark. Hip hip hooray! So we are now officially 1/4 of the way towards our goal of 80,000 squares. Definitely calls for an extra piece of chocolate with your tea this afternoon.

And secondly.

The lovely Lee and Suzana are organising a  Stitch’n’Sip afternoon for Knit One Save One on Friday, March 5th from noon till 2pm. It will be held at Just Planet Cafe in Sunbury. So you can head down there with needles and wool in your nimble knitting fingers, whip up a square or two, chatter with generous like-minded souls and even purchase a cup of coffee at half-price! Almost too good to be true. Check it out.



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22 responses to “Exciting Knitting News…20,000 squares and a Stitch’n’Sip event.

  1. Pam

    Would love to come and knit with evryone but Sunbury is just tooooooo far away for me. I’ll just keep knitting at home ! 🙂

  2. Susie

    Well done to everyone enjoy the event hey, always must celebrate achievements.
    On another matter I had an enquiry from someone who wanted to knit and crochet some squares but wanted to use her leftover acrylic wools saying that they wash better etc! Can you please give me a reason to tell her why you only want them in wool or am I wrong?
    Susie WA

    • Melissa

      Hi Susie,

      I think I saw somewhere on the website that wool is preferred because it is a little more fire safe than acrylic.

      I have been sent acrylic squares in the mail by a friend from Sydney so I am hoping I can forward them for use.

      Happy knitting!


    • Hi Susie – Melissa is correct, and we do prefer wool because it is more fire retardant. It is also a better insulator of heat and lasts much longer. So wool is the winner indeed!
      Thanks for your support of our Knit One Save One project.

  3. dulcie turner

    iall well done everyone.iam doing same more squares for you regards dulcie

  4. Suzana

    Hello everyone! Thank you so much for your good wishes for our Stitch n Sip event on Friday.
    I organised press releases to both local papers and they ran articles two weeks ago. Just Planet is ‘booked out’ with 20 knitters gathering on the day. The local newspapers are sending photographers again on the actual day – so we promise to send through those articles too.
    Many squares have already been donated and many more have been promised.
    We are actually collecting squares until 31 March to give other local people who can’t attend the event a chance to contribute too. Natural Health Sunbury will be couriering the squares to Save the Children before the Easter break – and we promise to notify you of our ‘final tally’.
    We’re looking forward to a lovely afternoon of stitching and sipping, and send our warmest regards to all the other knitters out there!

    • Hi Suzana. All the best with the event on Friday. Definitely send us through some of the photos from the day and we will put them up on the blog. Stitch ‘n’ Sip away my friends!

    • Melissa


      I am organising a group on Sunday 21st March at 2.00pm at the Granary Cafe 2 Devonshire Road Sunshine (Vic).

      The cafe has been great helping to promote the afternoon so I am hoping for a few people to show up with their needles and ‘get clicking’!

      If anyone on this blog is in the Western Suburbs it would be great to see you there too.

      please contact me by email melissaclark3@hotmail.com is you need more info

      Thanks – Mel

  5. Dianne Menzel

    Are there any groups in Adelaide

  6. Tess Breakwell

    Hi I am from Adelaide, and I would like to be involved in a knitting group. I currently knit for another charity for the children in Africa.
    Could you let me know if anyone else is interested in a group in Adelaide.

    • Hi Tess – we do not currently have a knitting group in Adelaide, however, I did just write this same reply to Dianna from Adelaide! So you two could lead the charge for us in SA if you are keen!

    • Cynthia

      hi tess and dianna
      I live in Adelaide and I am about to go on Holidays for 10 days but maybe we can meet up in April and combine our efforts.

  7. Tess Breakwell

    Hi Cynthia that would be great contact me when you get back.

  8. Tess Breakwell

    Hi Dianna where do you live in adelaide write me if you want to get a group going.

  9. Susie

    Hi everyone, just was wondering if there are any knitters in Cairns. My husband and I are moving there in June and I would love to get a group, join a group you get the picture
    Cheers everyone

  10. Cynthia

    Hi Tess and Dianna
    I live in the Blackwood area and also work once a fortnight at the Save the children Shop in Blackwood.
    Have just had a reply fron Bree at head office and she has advised that we can drop of the squares and blankets at the shops or preferably the Adelaide head office at Glenside. This is good news as we can save on postage and use the money to buy more wool.

  11. I have just read the emails from a few weeks back and on one dated Feb. 28th, it says that “wool is the winner, indeed”. I had been told that although wool was preferred, acrylic would be accepted. I have now made 21 squares and am not inclined to send them if they will not be accepted. I would appreciate further feedback before continuing to knit. Thanks.

    • Hi Bev. Fantastic that you have knitted so many squares! We will accept the acrylic squares and so would still love you to send them in. We are however, trying to encourage people to use wool if possible as it is more fire retardant, a better insulator of heat, and lasts a lot longer than acrylic.
      I hope this answers your questions. Thanks for your support of our project.

  12. arttherapyjournal

    Hello again everyone,

    I just wanted to provide an update on our Stitch n Sip event in March. As you know, we had a 2 hour knitting and coffee afternoon at Lee’s cafe Just Planet. With thanks to the local newspapers (both ran stories), we were not only booked out well in advance but forced to turn back many keen knitters due to lack of space. Having anticipated this, we had let people know that we would be collecting squares until 31 March, so people continued to knit and home and drop their squares in to our respective stores.

    Lee and I are thrilled to announce that our final tally of squares was 1,285! We were going to bundle these off to Save the Children via courier, but received a fantastic offer from a local church group to knit the squares up into blankets. Apparently, bundles of squares are being distributed to ladies on Sundays, and taken home to be stitched up. The blankets are to be delivered to Save the Children by a local lady who regularly passes by the Save the Children office. So, they will be coming in over time, but already stitched up.

    I’m still working on my own squares as well.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Knit One Save One, and have included a couple of posts about it on my Art Therapy blog. If you’re interested in reading about this project and another Save the Children project called World Kids Colouring Day, please visit http://www.arttherapyjournal.wordpress.com

    Happy knitting everyone!

    • Wow! That is a lot of squares. Congratulations to both you and Lee and all your little knitting mates! And also fantastic to hear that a local Church group has offered to sew them all into blankets. That will be a very exciting delivery when it arrives at our office!
      Do you have any photos of the day? If so, we would love to see them. If you could email them through to us at knitonesaveone@savethechildren.org.au that would be super! Thanks again for your wonderful support, it is really much appreciated.

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