We have a plan. Knitted squares shall become knitted blankets…

We now have over 25,000 squares. That sounds like a lot. It looks like a lot. And it takes up a lot space. Although we are continuing to collect the squares until we reach our target of 80,000 – our big challenge now is to sew them into blankets!

As most of you know we posted a poll last week, to vote on the best way to move our mountain of squares into a neat pile of blankets. The results showed that people would prefer to knit and sew from home, or in their local area in preference of coming into a hosted event in our office in Melbourne.

So on that basis we have decided that…

If you are able to help us knit squares to blankets, we would love for
 you to contact your Save the Children state office offering your

 Our state offices regularly have knitters dropping off squares, so it is possible for you to collect these squares, take them home, sew them into blankets (with friends and tea perhaps?) and
 return the finished blankets to the state office once complete. Voila! Should you not be able to get 
into our offices, we can work out a way to get these squares out to you.

There are no deadlines for offering your support as this campaign is
 running right through until October this year (when we predict our 80,000 square goal will be achieved!).

Our state office details are as follows:

NSW:    Suite 205, 410 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills (02 9211 8800)
QLD:    47 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane (07 3844 2699)
SA:     14 Conyngham Street, Glenside (08 8338 1777)
TAS:    14 Criterion Street, Hobart (03 6231 9488)
VIC:    Level 6, 250 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne (03 9938 2017)
WA:     481 Fitzgerald Street, North Perth (08 9267 3900)


If you can help us turn our storeroom of squares into beautiful blankets please give yourself a grateful tap on the shoulder, get your needle ready and give your state office a buzz.




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12 responses to “We have a plan. Knitted squares shall become knitted blankets…

  1. leonie smith

    great idea! now i know how many squares make a blanket i’ll sew mine together and contact the sydney office about sewing others together.

  2. Thanks Leonie – sounds perfect! We appreciate your support. Happy knitting (and sewing!).

  3. How many squares do make up a blanket? I’d love to knit and sew one together to drop into the melbourne office.

    • Hi Deborah. 16 squares (4 x 4) make up a blanket. That is fantastic that you want to knit the squares and sew them together! Thanks for your support of our Knit One Save One project.

  4. Lia Lamplough

    It’s a great motivator to focus on the finished product.

    I started off making blocks, but as a moderately experienced knitter/crocheter, I find that I can complete an 80×80 blanket all in one piece (or in bigger blocks) much quicker than if I knit individual 20×20 squares then sew them together.

    I’m really enjoying practicing my knitting and crochet stitches after about 29 years off!

    • Hi Lia. Great to hear you are enjoying knitting after all those years off. Knitting is just like riding a bike – you never forget how to do it. And you must be good – knitting the whole blanket in one go! Happy knitting.

  5. dee

    Hi Lia
    Thanks for the suggestion of knitting larger blocks – I got myself a circular needle and have done half a blanket in one – much quicker as you say. And, less to sew!

  6. sheryl

    Hi my mum has lots of knee rugs she has made but doesnt know who to give them to any ideas also she wants to keep knitting squares is there a set pattern or can she knit hers?

    • Hi Sheryl. That is fantastic that your mum is knitting squares and rugs! We are collecting blankets that are made from 16 squares (each square measuring 20cm x 20cm) however, the blankets do not need to match those specific dimensions. Any knitted blankets are much appreciated. Thanks!

  7. dulcieturner

    hi are you still doing squares for save the children etc

  8. dulcie

    are you still doing the squares

    • Hi Dulcie,

      It is with great pleasure to announce that yes this year we will be running another knitting campaign, with a greater focus on knitting blankets as well as squares.

      With the new campaign launch only weeks away, it is currently a very exciting time at Save the Children Australia!

      Please stay in touch, for when we launch the new campaign for knitters.

      Warm Wishes

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