Oh lots of pretty knitted squares…. 32,349 of them to be exact!

oh lots of knitted squares

So the big decision now is how to celebrate when we hit half way… should we have a knit-off? Should we profile our biggest contributors so far? Should we profile our 40,000th square received? Hhhhmm… decisions decisions. Only 7651 squares to go until we smash through the half way mark. In the meantime I will let the therapeutic sound of clicking needles feed my thoughts for celebration ideas.

If you have a suggestion of how we should mark the milestone by all means let me know.


P.S. If you went along to the knitting event at the Granary Café on the weekend we want to hear about it.



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10 responses to “Oh lots of pretty knitted squares…. 32,349 of them to be exact!

  1. Melissa

    How exciting we’re nearly half way there!

    Unfortunately we didn’t have any extra friends from the STC blog come along….I was away for the week before so wasn’t able to promote it as much as I would have liked. I have learnt my less on this time and so would like to invite as many of you as possible to join our small band of knitters on April 18th at 2pm – The Granary Cafe 2 Devonshire road Sunshine….contact me directly for further details if you need them melissaclark3@hotmail.com

    If you can’t come along tell your friends!!!!


  2. Margaret

    I would love to know how to knit those squares with the mitred corners. Have not been able to find instructions anywhere for squares that produce the fantastic results in the photo. Have studied the photo closely but maybe written instructions would suit my level of knitting better! Thanks

    • Hi Margaret. I will do my best to find some good instructions for you (Maybe i will have to track down the fantastic knitter that did these squares and ask them for tips!)

    • KnittingGirl

      Maybe those squares that are mitred are knit in the round on 4 needles? To create the corners you’d decrease by 2 st four times in the round until you were left with only a few stitches then run the thread thru & fasten off? I’d also be interested in a pattern if you manage to find one.

      • Margaret

        I have located an encyclopaedic book which has some fairly intelligible instructions about mitred squares on two needles – if I manage to work it out I will put the instructions up.

  3. Christina

    Would love to hear that we are having a “Knit off “in Adelaide?

  4. Sue Norman

    Could somebody please provide instructions for knitting the squares with small central square, as pictured. They look lovely and it’s more interesting to knit different squares.

  5. Hi Sue – I think that there are lots of us waiting on instructions on how to replicate these lovely squares! Fingers crossed that Margaret finds the ones in her encyclopedia worth sharing…

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