How to sew those knitted squares into blankets

So with all this enthusiasm to help the Knit One Save One team turn our squares into blankets  – I thought that I would provide some simple instructions for those of you having a crack at making a full blanket at home!

Once you have knitted your 16 20cm x 20cm squares, click on the icon below for easy instructions on how to turn those squares into a blanket.

If you are having some friends around, or organizing a little Sip n’ Stitch event – tell us about it, send some photos, share your ideas. We need you to help us spread the word about our Knit One Save One project. Thanks.



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10 responses to “How to sew those knitted squares into blankets

  1. Doreen Torr

    I am sorry to say that I find these instructions very confusing. They appear to involve tying knots which is not good practice. They do not say what to do with the starting and finishing ends of the sewing up wool. If they are cut off short without being woven in for some distance the sewing will soon unravel.

    I do not understand what is meant by “tie off with the left over wool from the square” at step 3.


    • Hi Doreen. I am terribly sorry that you find these instructions confusing. In following these instructions we are assuming that you have individually completed squares tied off with a 20cm loose piece of wool at the end of each square – as per the instructions on our website found here. This is what we refer to as ‘the left over wool from the square’ in Step 3.
      I hope this clears up any confusion. Thanks.

  2. Lyn

    I have just knitted my first one square for your cause! – but it is not right !! – oh dear…I am using 8ply pure wool on size 6mm needles as you suggested – after measuring the cast on stitches, I found that I needed 40 stitches to achieve a 200 mm edge ( 20cm) I measured this several times to get 20cm – so I continued on, once I felt it was ok, but alas, after knitting a length of 20cm, my square is NOT a square ……boo hoo…believe it or not, I am a person who knits every night & hve just completed four garments that are good, in fact, great! but now I can’t knit a 20cm square !!!
    Has anyone else found that 30 or 35 stitches on 6mm needles is not enough for them to achieve a 20cm edge ?? Any tips to achieve a better outcome will be welcome ! Cheers & happy knitting

    • KnittingGirl

      Congratulations Lyn, on knitting your first square for the project! I would suggest experimenting with different sized needles – you can always unpick & reknit it if it’s too far wrong.

      I found an ingenious pattern for knitting squares with a mitre diagonally up the middle:
      I use 5.5mm needles coz it knits up quickly, and using garter stitch seems to stop the square from “warping” as well as giving a thicker, warmer finish.

      Cast on 75st for 8 ply (69 for 12 ply – start with K33, slip 1, K2 tog, psso, K33).
      1st row: Knit (wrong side).
      2nd row: Knit 36st, slip 1, knit 2 tog, psso, K36.
      3rd (and alternate rows): Knit.
      4th row: K35, slip 1, K2 tog, psso, K35.
      6th row: K34, slip 1, K2 tog, psso, K34.
      8th row: K33, slip 1, K2 tog, psso, K33.
      10th row: K32, slip 1, K2 tog, psso, K32.

      Continue in this way until you have completed “K1, slip 1, K2 tog, psso, K1”.
      Next row: Knit 3 tog. Fasten off.

      Hope you enjoy trying it out! I’m even doing stripes now!

    • I have one and a half squares left to knit to make a blanket. It has taken me 3 weeks, as I work full time. I now do not have even one part ball in my stash, as I wanted to make the blanket as bright as possible, and use as many colours as I could. All my squares are made using 38sts, 4mm needles, and I measure to 20cms. Of course, knitting the whole blanket means I can cheat a bit when sewing up. My mother called it ‘easing the garment together’.

  3. Thanks Knitting Girl! I would love to see some products of this great knitting pattern and photos of your new striped squares. If you are happy to – please email them to and I will post your instructions and pics on the blog. So many people have been requesting great instructions like your ones above. Thanks.

  4. Hello! I have some infant caps I knitted and don’t know if the address I mailed them to originally is still happening. The 1st batch went to “Caps to the Capitol”(D.C.).

    Also, I would love to knit a few squares and need to read one of the patterns, or know how many cm/in are required. and the address for delivering.

    thank you and happy Spring!

    • Hi Trish. That is fantastic that you want to knit some squares for us, but we are in Australia… I am thinking that you are not as we are now in chilly Autumn! We would by all means still love your support of our project, but it may be a little expensive for you to post your knitting.

  5. hi iam doing same squares for you.iam trying to get the done in time keep up the good work .dulcie from tas mania

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