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How many blankets fit in the bag?

This is kind of like the game where you have the big glass jar full of jelly beans and you have to guess how many of the sweet little things there are jammed in that jar. Except instead of jelly beans and a jar, we have blankets and a vacuum bag. And if you thought those colourful beans of jelly could be deceiving, prepare to be blown away.

In one vacuum bag there are…

How many knitted blankets fit in one vacuum bag?

… 45 blankets!

Yep. 45 blankets, knitted from 16 x 20cm squares, vacuum packed and ready to go. Amazing.

Thanks to every supporter in our Knit One Save One team our first batch of completed blankets is almost in the air and on their way.

Much better than winning the jar of jelly beans. Go team.



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I am knitted square number 40,000…

“Every knitted square counts. No one square is more important than any other. We will all be sewn into a blanket which will be delivered to a family in need, to fulfill our mission to keep a young child warm. But today I am a special knitted square. Not because I am made from pure wool. Nor because of my lovely mint-green diagonal stripes. But because I am knitted square number 40,000!”

"Hello. I am knitted square number 40,000"

Knit One Save One is officially past the half-way mark! Hip hip hooray. Throw those wool balls in the air and click those needles, because this is a cause for celebration.

Today we received 1,504 squares to take us to a running total of 40,822 hand-knitted squares. A big thank you to everyone who has supported our project so far. Only 39,178 squares to go…


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Do bigger biceps equal better knitting?

As our pile of knitted squares and blankets continues to grow, so too does our wonderful supporter base. Another group of woman have thrown themselves and their knitting needles into our Knit One Save One project with full gusto. After sweating it up in the gym, the women of Curves, in Petersham whip out their needles to knit us some squares.

They have set a target of 1600 squares to be knitted by members and staff, and are well on their way to reaching it. In the process they are proving the rumour that bigger biceps knit better.

Thanks to the women of Curves Gym, Petersham for your support.

If you are a member at another gym – the woman at Curves, Petersham are looking for competition in the knitting arena! So rally you boxing troops, and get your gym club knitting  (if you can get up at 6am to head to the gym – knitting a 20cm square is easy).

P.S. We have now reached 36,741 knitted squares – just another lazy reason to flex those biceps proudly.

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