I am knitted square number 40,000…

“Every knitted square counts. No one square is more important than any other. We will all be sewn into a blanket which will be delivered to a family in need, to fulfill our mission to keep a young child warm. But today I am a special knitted square. Not because I am made from pure wool. Nor because of my lovely mint-green diagonal stripes. But because I am knitted square number 40,000!”

"Hello. I am knitted square number 40,000"

Knit One Save One is officially past the half-way mark! Hip hip hooray. Throw those wool balls in the air and click those needles, because this is a cause for celebration.

Today we received 1,504 squares to take us to a running total of 40,822 hand-knitted squares. A big thank you to everyone who has supported our project so far. Only 39,178 squares to go…



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7 responses to “I am knitted square number 40,000…

  1. dulcie turner

    hello every one .we have done a great job in cluding my self .will do same more squares.for you regards dulcie

  2. Pam

    Hooray – and I have another 20 to bring you this week.

  3. pauline donohoe

    Hello everyone I have just started makng the squares and am not sure whether they have to be pure wool or sythetic. Also I noticed the above square seems to have finished edges. How do I go about doing that? My skill at knitting is only to knit straight and simple. So any help will be appreciated. Thank you Warmest regards and happy knitting Pauline

    • Hi again Pauline! Please do not stress about the finished edges… we are receiving squares of all types – every square is loved just as much as the next… from our point of view, any square is the perfect square.
      Some experienced knitters on the blog might have some comments and tips regarding this though!
      Thanks, Bree.

  4. Janette Wilson

    I will be happy to volunteer, either to knot squares or sew up squares into rugs.

    • Hi Janette,

      Thank you very much for your offer. We still have a number of squares waiting to be turned into blankets being stored in our Melbourne Office.

      If you were to make your way to our Melbourne office, would you be able to return the blankets in a small number of days?

      Warm Wishes

  5. Janette Wilson

    Sorry I meant “knit” not “Knot” squares

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