How many blankets fit in the bag?

This is kind of like the game where you have the big glass jar full of jelly beans and you have to guess how many of the sweet little things there are jammed in that jar. Except instead of jelly beans and a jar, we have blankets and a vacuum bag. And if you thought those colourful beans of jelly could be deceiving, prepare to be blown away.

In one vacuum bag there are…

How many knitted blankets fit in one vacuum bag?

… 45 blankets!

Yep. 45 blankets, knitted from 16 x 20cm squares, vacuum packed and ready to go. Amazing.

Thanks to every supporter in our Knit One Save One team our first batch of completed blankets is almost in the air and on their way.

Much better than winning the jar of jelly beans. Go team.



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4 responses to “How many blankets fit in the bag?

  1. rachel

    Where is the first delivery heading to?

  2. Jamie

    Hi just wondering if we are allowed to give the squares to a save the children store for them to send… as postage is quite expensive

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