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Knitting lessons across generations.

We all know that knitting takes time and patience. Some dedication, a little wool, a pair of needles and voila – a square for Knit One Save One. But nothing beats learning from the best. And that is just what the kids in year 10p at Somerville Secondary College have done. Heading down to Somercare Aged Facility they have learnt to knit from those with a lifetime of experience. Mixing community service with transgenerational learning. Love it.

Check out the lovely photos their teacher sent in below.

Getting lessons from the best.

Watching and learning.

Nothing beats practise.



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Oldies but Goodies.

As our Knit One Save One project powers into Autumn, the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, and picking up those knitting needles and staying indoors is more welcoming than ever.

Everyday our Knit One Save One team grows as more people join the campaign from all walks of life.

Yesterday we received an email from an aged care facility in South Australia.

“As a volunteer in aged care I just wanted to let you know a load of squares and some completed blankets are on their way to you. I didn’t have time to enclose a note but wanted you to know that the participants were from an aged care facility called Reynella Lodge in Reynella, South Australia. The youngest participant was 84 and the oldest 94 – so it was a wonderful activity.”

Knitters from Reynella Lodge, South Australia.

If you are knitting squares for our project, we want to hear about it! So send in some photos, hold up your squares and give us a wink.


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