Oldies but Goodies.

As our Knit One Save One project powers into Autumn, the leaves are falling and the temperature is dropping, and picking up those knitting needles and staying indoors is more welcoming than ever.

Everyday our Knit One Save One team grows as more people join the campaign from all walks of life.

Yesterday we received an email from an aged care facility in South Australia.

“As a volunteer in aged care I just wanted to let you know a load of squares and some completed blankets are on their way to you. I didn’t have time to enclose a note but wanted you to know that the participants were from an aged care facility called Reynella Lodge in Reynella, South Australia. The youngest participant was 84 and the oldest 94 – so it was a wonderful activity.”

Knitters from Reynella Lodge, South Australia.

If you are knitting squares for our project, we want to hear about it! So send in some photos, hold up your squares and give us a wink.



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8 responses to “Oldies but Goodies.

  1. Catherine Arnold & 10P

    I am the teacher of 15 Year 10 students from Somerville Secondary College who particicpate in a community service program as part of their course. The focus of their service is intergenerational learning. This year the students are working with residents of Somercare Aged Hostel in Somerville Victoria. We saw your project and the kids were keen to be involved. Now every fortnight the residents and (mostly male) students sit and knit and chat. We have one resident who is over 100 years old who despite failing eyesight is teaching one of our “coolest” boys how to knit. Thank you for providing a project that brings generations together to share a meaningful purpose.

    • Hi Catherine and Yr 10p! It is fantastic that you are using our Knit One Save One project as part of your intergenerational learning and community service. We are excited to have you on-board as part of our team. Thanks for sending the photos in. I am just about to dedicate a blog post to you, and publish the photos.
      Happy knitting yr 10p!

  2. ann jordan

    would like to help poor children to make knitted blankets ,
    let me know where l will drop knitted blankets after finish. what shape and size ?

  3. Hi Ann. It is fantastic that you want to join our Knit One Save One project. The knitted blankets that we are collecting are made up of 16 squares (each square 20cm x 20cm). The finished blankets can be sent to our office in Melbourne.
    Save the Children
    Level6, 250 Victoria Parade
    East Melbourne
    VIC 3002
    Happy knitting!

  4. would like to do same squares orblankets for autumn.let me no if is will help .keep up the good work regards dulcie

    • Hi Dulcie,
      Thanks for your interest to knit squares for our campaign. For the moment we’ve reached our target, we received over 100 000 squares. We will let you know when our next knitting campaign will be.
      Warm wishes, Bree

  5. please tell me where I can get the instructions for all those lovely squares- they are different- so I just don’t want to straight knit a square- I want to do the ones where there are stitches all around in a square-
    I have looked through every page of your site BUT CANNOT SEE INSTRUCTIONS_ EVERTHING BUT!
    so please help by replying so I can get knitting those squares soon!


    • Hi Rosie,

      As long as the squares are 20cm * 20cm, how you knit the squares is up to you. The great thing about this campaign is that you can be as creative as you like 🙂

      Warm Wishes

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