Knitting lessons across generations.

We all know that knitting takes time and patience. Some dedication, a little wool, a pair of needles and voila – a square for Knit One Save One. But nothing beats learning from the best. And that is just what the kids in year 10p at Somerville Secondary College have done. Heading down to Somercare Aged Facility they have learnt to knit from those with a lifetime of experience. Mixing community service with transgenerational learning. Love it.

Check out the lovely photos their teacher sent in below.

Getting lessons from the best.

Watching and learning.

Nothing beats practise.



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4 responses to “Knitting lessons across generations.

  1. Susie Mioni

    My housegroup at Siena College in Camberwell has taken on the Knit One Save One campaign. I introduced the idea at the start of the year and the year 7 and 8 students have responded really well. We now have 14 blankets finished and lots of squares.
    Most of the girls did not know how to knit so it has been a wonderful learning experience for them, especially as some have involved their grandmas and nonnas.
    Susie Mioni
    Susie Mioni

    • Hi Susie – that is fantastic that you have got your housegroup at Siena College involved in our Knit One Save One campaign. We are fast approaching our target of 80,000 squares (5000 blankets) and so are closing up the campaign on the 31st August. So make sure you send your blankets into us by then so that we can send them off to a child in need! Thanks again for your support. Happy knitting!

  2. Annika

    Congratulations as you are about to reach your target. I have discovered this campaign a little late. We have been knitting socks and other children’s clothing to send to Afghanistan but the Winterwarm project that was organising this in Australia through Save the Children in Denmark (I think?) seems to have shut up shop. Can we send these items to you (it seems silly to send them to the US to Afghans for Afghans). Also we are keen to get on the front end of your next campaign. What are you planning after the close of this on 31st August?

    • Hi Annika, you are welcome to send these items to us as we can always put them to good use. I can try my best, but cannot guarantee they will support the original project you were knitting for.

      Stay tuned for updates regarding the new version of our “Knit One Save One” campaign!

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