Australia loves knitting!

Well, its happening… the campaign is going so well we are going to have to start to slow down our knitters..!

With over 66,000 squares surrounding us, a campaign close date has been set.  Tuesday 31 August – the last day of winter, is when we plan to receive our last square to send to India, Cambodia and Laos.

Thank you to Dorothy Anderson from Queensland who has sent us this fantastic blanket with a lovely message knitted within.

And thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.  We are still accepting squares and blankets, so finish up your amazing creations and get them into us before the end of winter so we can send them overseas!

And if you know you’ve got those skills, have a sew!  We have plenty of squares that still need to be stitched together, so if you can get us the full blankets, then we will love you more and more…

Dorothy Anderson's blanket

Dorothy Anderson's blanket



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3 responses to “Australia loves knitting!

  1. Susie Mioni

    My housegroup at Siena College in Camberwell has taken up the challenge of learning to knit.
    So far the staff have completed 14 blankets and we have lots of squares ready to join. As most of the students did not know how to knit it has been wonderful to see what they can achieve.

  2. Geri Barr

    Hi Knit One Save One,
    Just to let you know that a group of girls from Albert Park Primary School are getting together in the school holidays to knit some squares which I will then sew into a blanket for your project. Some of the girls can knit and we’ll be teaching the one’s who can’t so it’s a win win!

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