We are back… and we need some help!

So we have been a little dormant on the Knit One Save One blog. But don’t for a minute think that it has been forgotten. Far from it. As we finally finished counting the 153,438 squares from the last campaign (amazing!)… almost a year has passed. And in that time we have also gone into planning mode for a bigger, better and more efficient round two. And boy do we have some great plans. A wonderful wool partner, some knitting kits and a new name…. ooohhh exciting. Get your knitting needles ready. But to really get it all up and running we need some help.

If you want to play an important role in our next knitting campaign – which will be launching in 10 days time… please apply for the role of Marketing Logistics Coordinator.

We look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. We will also be calling out for many volunteers (as well as knitters!) so if this role does not seem right for you, we still definitely need you to make our campaign a success.



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13 responses to “We are back… and we need some help!

  1. Margaret Regnault

    Look forward to hearing about the new campaign.

  2. like to do more knitting for you what .is need this year

  3. like to do more knitting for you .what do you need

  4. Toni Bartel

    That is great news. St Andrews Lutheran College knitters are ready.
    Looking forward to hearing about the new campaign.

  5. Trish Morgan

    Hi to all….. I would be very happy to help in any way i can when needed, and in the meantime i will start on “Knitting, Knitting, Knitting”.
    Cheers , Trish

  6. glenda morgan

    Yeah sign me up. I would be happy to help with this campaign. I am so glad that it is to be continued. Cheers Glenda.

  7. Sally Daish

    Bendigo Knitting Mills have large 200g bolts of pure wool that work out to be cheaper than buying 50g skeins
    Their wool is sold as Heritage in the shops
    If you contact them on the web they will send a colour chart or go to Wonderflex and look at the heratige colours

  8. I am so happy it is back on again this year.I am not a fanastic knitter but I can handle this without any problem.I feel like I am contributing to something worth while.for the people in need.
    Thanks once again for starting the knitting campaign.
    Christine McDowell

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