World Wide Knit in Public Day

So we know that knitting needles and a ball of wool are better fashion accessories than an iphone 4. And we also know that knitting on the tram or the park bench is relaxing, gives off a casual-chic vibe and looks plain cool.

But this weekend everyone else will know it too.

Saturday 11th June marks World Wide Knit in Public Day. That’s right a day where we all hold our knitting needles high and carry our ball of wool with pride. A day to band together and click away. As the official tag line of the day says ‘Better living through stitching together’. And who can argue with that 🙂

There are events happening all around Australia – so go to the official website and find one near you. Take along a scone or two, meet some fellow knitting pals and flaunt your knitting style in public.

If you are in Melbourne or Sydney –there are two events that are being hosted by Australian country Spinners and are happening in support of Born to Knit. There will be some Born to Knit Kits to giveaway, knitting classes on offer, and Born to Knit tags that you can write a personal message on and leave with your square you knitted on the day.

The Melbourne and Sydney Knit-ins go from 11am until 3pm so pop down and say hello. If you can’t make it to an official event, you can still show your support for the day.  Head to your local park with knitting needles, wool and a thermos of hot tea in hand, and get some peaceful but still public knitting action in. Enjoy!

World Wide Knit In Public Day Events that support Born to Knit:

Date: Saturday 11th June
Time: 11am till 3pm
Location: Federation Square, Cnr Flinders St and Swanston St

Date: Saturday 11th June
Time: 11am till 3pm
Location: Martin Place, Cnr Elizabeth St and Martin Place (outside Channel Seven News )



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4 responses to “World Wide Knit in Public Day

  1. Wish South Africa got involved in this type of thing. Will be taking my knitting to the pub to watch the rugby.

  2. Jetnet

    I went to Federation Square and was inspired by the kits. I was definately not born to knit but have finished my first square and am now getting my work colleagues to knit a square or contribute wool. I love my bamboo knitting needles too!

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