Looks a little drab. Yarn bomb it.

Nothing like a little Friday afternoon knitting inspiration…

The best graffiti going around is yarn bombing. As these guys sum it up superbly, ‘yarn bombing is improving the urban landscape one stitch at a time’.

So we thought we would share some of our favourite yarn bombing happy snaps to celebrate the start of the weekend.


This beautiful bus was found over here > http://sketch42blog.com/2010/02/yarn-bombing/.

These luscious ladies were found over here > http://www.flickr.com/photos/tofz4u/3570110069/ .

This lovely leg was located over here > http://neo.agencyrecord.com/2010/08/rgas-creative-roasted/.

This beautiful tree was found over here > http://themakeanddoplace.wordpress.com.

Regardless of the beauty some colourful yarn can give to a city, yarn bombing is technically illegal (check the wikipedia definition out here). So for now we will have to make do with these images. But if you did have the legal freedom, endless yarn, and lots of talent – What piece of our urban landscape would you love to see yarn bombed?





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8 responses to “Looks a little drab. Yarn bomb it.

  1. Jen

    Dumb question – but is this just 88 rows of garter stitch or the usual sweater (knit one row each of knit and peal) for a picture like the postcard. Garter stitch is quite open and probably not so warm

  2. Jen

    Sorry should have been Pearl then

  3. My squares are cast on one, knit and increase each row and continue garter stitch until you have 44 stitches and 44 rows and then start decreasing until you have one row left. A total of 88 rows of knitting and a lovely firm square.

  4. How cool would it be if the Statue Of LIberty was yarn bombed? I can imagine it right now… I wonder how long it would take to knit something that big? 🙂

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