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We love all knitters.

Six weeks in and all our little knitters are doing a wonderful job! So far we have received 648 blankets from all around Australia. So only fourteen thousand three hundred and fifty two to go (for some reason it doesn’t feel like so many when you write it in words…).

We are also very excited about our Born to Knit schools competition. The entries are flooding in, the prize pool is big, and best of all the kids are learning to knit. Part of the competition registration process is giving us some insight into what the prize money will go towards. From computers, to knitting classes (true!), to play grounds, to donations back to Save the Children we have received some lovely responses. The next generation of knitters are an inspirational lot indeed!

If you are a teacher or a student or someone who knows a cool little school who would love to knit us some blankets (and win $10,000 thanks to our lovely friends over at Patons) please spread the word about our Born to Knit Schools Competition.

Or if you are a knitter just knitting because you were Born to Knit. We think you are fabulous. THANK YOU 🙂

Born to Knit boxes full of wonderful knitted squares.



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Meet Chai. Our first Born to Knit volunteer.

Today we had our first knitting volunteer for the Born to Knit campaign come into our office. Her name is Chai and she loves knitting because it makes people happy. Well today Chai, your help with the counting and sewing of knitted squares made us very happy.

Chai. Our lovely Born to Knit volunteer.

We had a great chat to Chai while she was in the office lending her knitting skills to our campaign and wanted to share some of it with you.

So Chai, how did you hear about our Born to Knit campaign? I discovered the campaign when reading the Sunday Age. I visited the World Wide Knit in Public day held at Federation square. I went with my children and all of their girlfriends. It was a lovely day.

How long have you been knitting for? Oh many, many years. I have been knitting on and off since grade two.

Wow. That is many years of knitting! In all that time what is your favourite thing that you have ever knitted? It would have to be the first thing that I ever knitted, which was a wooly for my mother. I needed some assistance in knitting the piece, but because it was for my mother it was the most rewarding piece I have ever knitted.

And what do you think are the best three things about knitting? It Allows me to have something to focus on, it keeps the fingers busy and allows them to exercise, and…. most importantly, I like knitting because it makes people happy.

We love it that you are helping us. But what made you choose to volunteer with Save the Children? Because Save the Children is an international charity. Back home in Malaysia, I heard about Save the Children’s child protection programs as well as how they help to find missing children. When coming to Australia, I made the connection between Save the Children Australia and Save the Children Malaysia.

And would you recommend other people to come in and help out with our Born to Knit campaign? (*we promise we didn’t bribe her here…) Of course, but time is a big factor. I am lucky, because while I am visiting my children in Australia, I have the time to come in and knit the large amount of squares you receive into blankets.

Thanks Chai.


So far we have received 160 blankets and 1922 squares to our office for the Born to Knit campaign. Very exciting. But it means we now need to sew those 1922 squares into blankets. If knitting makes you happy, just like Chai, and you could spare an hour or two, we would love to hear from you.

Send us an email  at or call us on 03 8417 1400. Say hello, make us happy and let us know you can help us out. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks. 🙂



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