We love all knitters.

Six weeks in and all our little knitters are doing a wonderful job! So far we have received 648 blankets from all around Australia. So only fourteen thousand three hundred and fifty two to go (for some reason it doesn’t feel like so many when you write it in words…).

We are also very excited about our Born to Knit schools competition. The entries are flooding in, the prize pool is big, and best of all the kids are learning to knit. Part of the competition registration process is giving us some insight into what the prize money will go towards. From computers, to knitting classes (true!), to play grounds, to donations back to Save the Children we have received some lovely responses. The next generation of knitters are an inspirational lot indeed!

If you are a teacher or a student or someone who knows a cool little school who would love to knit us some blankets (and win $10,000 thanks to our lovely friends over at Patons) please spread the word about our Born to Knit Schools Competition.

Or if you are a knitter just knitting because you were Born to Knit. We think you are fabulous. THANK YOU 🙂

Born to Knit boxes full of wonderful knitted squares.



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9 responses to “We love all knitters.

  1. SusanS

    I just mailed off my 2nd blanket. Was going to call it quits, but BigW has machine wash wool at $2 so there might be a 3rd.

  2. Mine’s knitted, I just have to sew it together and pop it in the mail.

  3. At St Therese Primary School in Torquay we are just starting to knit our squares to be put together for the blankets. Our first session was on Tuesday, with us meeting every Tuesday at lunchtime to continue knitting.
    Check out our blog to see some of the photos of our first session. http://56lctorquay.global2.vic.edu.au/

  4. Sally

    Just posted 3 very colourful blankets for 3 very special children today. Will start the 4th very shortly….

  5. Sunshine

    I saw your knitting guidelines on the website (savethechildren.org). Do you have any guidelines for knitting squares or blankets on a loom?

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