So much knitting and so much love.

If we cast our minds back to a lovely winter day in June, you may recall the success that was World Wide Knit in Public Day. People in both Melbourne and Sydney joined our Born to Knit events. For those who didn’t quite finish their square on the day, they took it home, to continue to knit, knit, knit away.

We have had quite a few swing tags come in with the lovely parcels of knitted squares and blankets that were started on the day and are now complete – woohoo!

Some of the thoughts and comments are oh so sweet that we wanted to share them with you.


I wanted to knit this square because:

“I want to be part of something bigger and help the children” – Petra

“I am able and children are important” – Lexie

“I enjoy knitting and I like to be useful – nice purpose” – Inge

“Keeping children warm and cared for” – Kath

“I hope it gives warmth to someone and it was knitted with love” – Judy

“I was born to knit and I love to give” – Lois

“There are many who can benefit from my time and talent” – Sarah

“All children deserve to feel warmth and comfort” – Linda

“I wanted to make a difference” – Kathy

“I wanted to contribute in some small way in helping other families” – Linda

“I thought it would help keep you warm and it was made with lots of love” – Jenny

“I love to knit and wanted to meet other knitters and to help someone to be warm” – Chris

“Families make societies – you change your world” – Jacqueline

“To make the world a warmer place” – Ed

“To give warmth and comfort to less fortunate. Share the love” – Susanne


So much knitting and so much love. Thanks for being part of Born to Knit.



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2 responses to “So much knitting and so much love.

  1. Judy

    We have a fantastic group of students and families here at Alfredton Primary School who have just officially registered their school in the Born to Knit campaign. Both girls and boys attend our Born to Knit club on Monday and Wednesday’s at noon to learn to knit or to work on their square for a blanket.
    The students, together with their families, have already made 10 blankets to donate to the campaign. It is a great opportunity to teach students the importance of working to help others, for a cause and to learn to new skill. This project has caused quite a bit of excitement in our school and throughout our school community! We look forward to our evening together on August 31, where we will sew blankets together beofre delivering them to Melbourne on Sept 2. Smiles, Judy 🙂

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