A fun filled vollie afternoon.

Last Friday we were luckily enough to have the company of 15 chirpy volunteers from Ernst & Young to help sew squares together into blankets. The room was filled with lots of laughter, chatting and of course the most important thing, sewing, sewing and more sewing.

With the lovely contributions from people sending squares in, the volunteers were able to work together to turn our piles of squares into beautiful blankets!

Lots of concentration and focus...

And yes... contrary to public opinion men having fantastic sewing skills!


It is exciting to see the blankets take shape – only 13,827 to go!

We would love to hear our volunteer room fill up with laughter again, so please let us know if you can lend a hand or two so we can make a difference. Thanks for your support and help Ernst & Young, we think you are fantastic!


To find out more about volunteering with Born to Knit email: borntoknit@savethechildren.org.au or call Cath on 03 8417 1400 . Thanks 🙂



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6 responses to “A fun filled vollie afternoon.

  1. Christina

    Hi there! Just got started on my first two squares and I am ndering if it is a requirement to knit each block of 20cm squares in different colours if we are knitting a full blanket? Thanks.

  2. i read somewhere on this site that Sept 30 is your new deadline for sending squares and blankets in, i hope that’s right. Anyhoo, i have now finished 4, knitted on in a row, and will surge ahead with more in the next week or two.
    I’m really enjoying knitting these squares, they are a nice size to handle and carry well to appt’s and waiting rooms. i find i can knit one square a day in odd spare moments. cheerio, k.

    • Great to hear that you are enjoying knitting the squares for Born to Knit. The deadline for sending squares in is 30th September. We look forward to receiving yours! Happy knitting.

  3. KnittingGirl

    Wonderful to see your photos of the Volunteer’s Afternoon!
    Are Ernst & Young in your building or how was it they got involved? FANTASTIC to see some blokes lending a hand, more power to you guys! Did any of them learn to knit whilst there? Even better, did any of the guys already know how to knit? My 13 yr old son has contributed 2 squares to my growing pile and is as proud of himself as I am of him! A “seasoned” knitter, he is currently on his 3rd scarf in two years!
    Will look forward to seeing more pics of more vollie days. Well done.

    • Ernst & Young got involved through our corporate volunteering program which was fantastic. It is indeed great to break to gender stereotype that guys don’t knit! It is wonderful to hear your son is also knitting. We look forward to receiving your squares and blankets. Thanks for your support of Born to Knit.

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