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Final week for Born to Knit…

Three fantastic months of knitting, sewing, dropping, fixing and counting sees Born to Knit come to a close this Friday. Sad but exciting times. Once the final blankets and squares make their way to our Melbourne office this week, they will then be vacuumed packed, stacked on truck, off to the port, onto a ship and begin their voyage to India, Laos and Cambodia where they will be distributed through Save the Children health programs. Phew – what a journey.

Parcels of knitting arrive...

they are counted and folded...

they are vacuum packed and stacked...

they are into the truck and on their way.

We encourage all our wonderful knitters to put their squares and blankets in the post this week so that they don’t miss the shipment overseas. Any knitting received past the finish date will either be distributed through our Australia programs or sold in our retail stores.

Happy (and speedy!) knitting 🙂



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We all love a good samaritan…

Our amazing judges had a really, really tough time trying to determine which schools should receive the prize-money for our Born to Knit Schools Competition.  The eight finalists were all completely worthy of success, with a range of impressive reasons as to how they would spend the money on the development of their school.

Overnight, it was determined that the following schools were successful in receiving the prize-money and we would like to thank all schools involved for their participation and support of our Born to Knit campaign.  Everyone involved should be considered a winner as their knitting will help to keep a child warm in India, Cambodia or Laos when we distribute their blankets in October.

  • First place of $10,000 goes to Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School, who will be spending the funds on employing an additional registered teacher, one day a week to work with English as a Second Language students.  70% of students at Good Samaritan Catholic Primary school are from an English as a Second Language background (meaning they speak a language other than English at home), so these funds will help create more powerful learning opportunities for their students.
  • Second place of $6,000 goes to Elmore Primary School.  Elmore Primary School will be purchasing technological equipment designed to help deliver high quality learning experiences for their students that include interactive activities in literacy, numeracy and specific integrated topics.
  • Third place of $4,000 goes to Merri Creek Primary School, who will use the funds to develop the schools sustainability and creative programs.   Their presentation on Friday helped the judges to visualise how the funds would be spent when they brought in a small sample of their vegetable garden that supports the Merri Creek Primary School cooking program.  With this, Merri Creek Primary School will also be investing in educational materials to teach students about sustainability and the global community.

Special thanks go to the other five finalists who took the time and effort to create their presentation for submission by Friday 9 September.

  • Kangaroo Flat Primary School
  • Wedge Park Primary School
  • Newport Lakes Primary School
  • St Catherine’s School
  • Winters Flat Primary School

Your support of the campaign has helped us to provide and distribute more blankets to children in our health programs around the world.

Born to Knit Schools Competition Winners Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School.

This new element of Save the Children’s Born to Knit campaign brought with it such a rewarding experience.  What a wonderful way to educate students about the importance of helping other children around the world.  To everyone involved, thank you again, and we will keep in touch about our knitting campaign in 2012 and beyond!

Please remember that if you have any outstanding knitting, you can still send this into us.  The campaign close date is Friday 30 September, so please be sure to finish up those squares and blankets so we can send them overseas in October. Happy knitting!

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Who will win the Schools Competition…

As Spring kicks in, the flowers come out, the birds tweet, the sun shines for longer and Born to Knit comes to a close. The campaign officially finishes on the 30th September, however, last week  marked the end of the Born to Knit Schools Competition. Over 70 schools took part in the competition, but there could only be eight finalists. The dedicated little knitters that made the finals were announced last week and Friday afternoon was judging day!

Five of the eight finalists joined us at Save the Children’s office in Melbourne and presented what got them knitting and how they would spend the prize-money, whether it be $10,000 (1st prize); $6,000 (2nd prize) or $4,000 (3rd prize) to the panel of judges.

Eight schools had 10 minutes to present in any way they like – whether it was a play, a video, via PowerPoint or over the phone. A great afternoon full of  laughter, passion, energy and wool. All schools were judged based on the set criteria of knowledge, effectiveness, creativity and teamwork. The presentations were amazing. Such inspiring children telling us their reasons for being part of Born to Knit.

We had three wonderful judges sitting on the panel, now left with the tough responsibility of deciding a winner. The judges were Bianca Collier, Save the Children’s Program Manager for Asia and Africa; Howard Ralley, Save the Children’s General Manager for Marketing and Communications; and Rob Milne, CEO of  Australian Country Spinners.

Winners will be announced very soon, so stay tuned!

The wonderful Save the Children Born to Knit School Competition Finalists.

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Spring has sprung and we have picked a lovely one from the bunch.

Many squares and blankets come past the Born to Knit desk every morning… and today, we received 42 completed blankets and 354 squares to add to our tally – that now sits at 1,708 blankets.

We thought it might be nice to feature one particular blanket with you. From the picture it might not look like the most amazing creation we’ve ever seen but it is beautiful.  Lovely colours, perfect size and amazing feel (trust us, it is so nice and soft!).

Soft and pretty. Our favourite blanket of the day.

And that is what makes this blanket, the pick of the day.

Keep on sending those blankets in – you have until the end of this month (Friday 30 September) to ensure that your blanket makes it offshore to children in our health programs in India, Cambodia and Laos.

One day of deliveries at Born to Knit. 42 beautiful hand-knitted blankets.


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