Spring has sprung and we have picked a lovely one from the bunch.

Many squares and blankets come past the Born to Knit desk every morning… and today, we received 42 completed blankets and 354 squares to add to our tally – that now sits at 1,708 blankets.

We thought it might be nice to feature one particular blanket with you. From the picture it might not look like the most amazing creation we’ve ever seen but it is beautiful.  Lovely colours, perfect size and amazing feel (trust us, it is so nice and soft!).

Soft and pretty. Our favourite blanket of the day.

And that is what makes this blanket, the pick of the day.

Keep on sending those blankets in – you have until the end of this month (Friday 30 September) to ensure that your blanket makes it offshore to children in our health programs in India, Cambodia and Laos.

One day of deliveries at Born to Knit. 42 beautiful hand-knitted blankets.



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5 responses to “Spring has sprung and we have picked a lovely one from the bunch.

  1. Julie Firmstone

    It has taken me most of winter but I’ve finished my blanket! It’ll be in the post tomorrow. Thanks for organising such a worthwhile project.

  2. A beautiful soft looking blankie, well done whoever made it.
    And 42 blankets in a day is a wonderful haul, mine is almost ready, just a few days to go. It’s encouraging to see the tally, makes one realise it’s important to get on with it.

  3. I posted my blanket to you today from Bathurst, NSW. it should arrive about thursday. It was a joy to knit, i was able to make one square a day, they were a lovely size to handle. Thankyou for this campaign.

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