We all love a good samaritan…

Our amazing judges had a really, really tough time trying to determine which schools should receive the prize-money for our Born to Knit Schools Competition.  The eight finalists were all completely worthy of success, with a range of impressive reasons as to how they would spend the money on the development of their school.

Overnight, it was determined that the following schools were successful in receiving the prize-money and we would like to thank all schools involved for their participation and support of our Born to Knit campaign.  Everyone involved should be considered a winner as their knitting will help to keep a child warm in India, Cambodia or Laos when we distribute their blankets in October.

  • First place of $10,000 goes to Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School, who will be spending the funds on employing an additional registered teacher, one day a week to work with English as a Second Language students.  70% of students at Good Samaritan Catholic Primary school are from an English as a Second Language background (meaning they speak a language other than English at home), so these funds will help create more powerful learning opportunities for their students.
  • Second place of $6,000 goes to Elmore Primary School.  Elmore Primary School will be purchasing technological equipment designed to help deliver high quality learning experiences for their students that include interactive activities in literacy, numeracy and specific integrated topics.
  • Third place of $4,000 goes to Merri Creek Primary School, who will use the funds to develop the schools sustainability and creative programs.   Their presentation on Friday helped the judges to visualise how the funds would be spent when they brought in a small sample of their vegetable garden that supports the Merri Creek Primary School cooking program.  With this, Merri Creek Primary School will also be investing in educational materials to teach students about sustainability and the global community.

Special thanks go to the other five finalists who took the time and effort to create their presentation for submission by Friday 9 September.

  • Kangaroo Flat Primary School
  • Wedge Park Primary School
  • Newport Lakes Primary School
  • St Catherine’s School
  • Winters Flat Primary School

Your support of the campaign has helped us to provide and distribute more blankets to children in our health programs around the world.

Born to Knit Schools Competition Winners Good Samaritan Catholic Primary School.

This new element of Save the Children’s Born to Knit campaign brought with it such a rewarding experience.  What a wonderful way to educate students about the importance of helping other children around the world.  To everyone involved, thank you again, and we will keep in touch about our knitting campaign in 2012 and beyond!

Please remember that if you have any outstanding knitting, you can still send this into us.  The campaign close date is Friday 30 September, so please be sure to finish up those squares and blankets so we can send them overseas in October. Happy knitting!


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  1. Annique Jones

    The Christmas Island Neighbourhood Centre has had a great time in organising our Born to Knit activity. Not an easy feat considering we’re in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We had visitors shopping in Perth and delivering wool to us at every opportunity. We have nicked name the Shire Ladies the “Knitting Machines” and our Westpac Manager has been spotted secretly knitting down at the cove. We have managed to knit over 150 squares, which we are very proud of! They are on the way to be sewn up into beautiful blankets. Well done everybody, Annique Jones, Christmas Island Neighbourhood Centre.

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