Final week for Born to Knit…

Three fantastic months of knitting, sewing, dropping, fixing and counting sees Born to Knit come to a close this Friday. Sad but exciting times. Once the final blankets and squares make their way to our Melbourne office this week, they will then be vacuumed packed, stacked on truck, off to the port, onto a ship and begin their voyage to India, Laos and Cambodia where they will be distributed through Save the Children health programs. Phew – what a journey.

Parcels of knitting arrive...

they are counted and folded...

they are vacuum packed and stacked...

they are into the truck and on their way.

We encourage all our wonderful knitters to put their squares and blankets in the post this week so that they don’t miss the shipment overseas. Any knitting received past the finish date will either be distributed through our Australia programs or sold in our retail stores.

Happy (and speedy!) knitting 🙂



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6 responses to “Final week for Born to Knit…

  1. i posted mine a week or so back, i hope you got it ok. i included my card in it and i think i stitched a label on the back. cheerio

  2. Thanks for knitting for Born to Knit Kaite 🙂

  3. Sunshine

    I sent my square in about a week ago, from the US. Hopefully, you have received it.
    I was wondering when the campaign would begin again and if you would use the same guidelines. I am new and slow to knitting and thought I should get an early start for next year. Then, maybe I could complete more than one square 🙂

  4. what’s your final tally? how many did you receive on time?

  5. Jessruthy

    Will this happen again next year? I only just heard about it, and thought it was a lovely idea to help me fill my 2012 new years resolution, Learn to Knit.
    I bought the kit and am about to start. I’d love to send in some squares if it is run again in 2012.
    Cheers, J

    • Hi Jessica,

      What a great new years resolution! We are happy to announce that Born to Knit will carrying on with a new campaign for 2012. We are in the planning stages for the new campaign, and will keep you posted with information as it is made available. Happy knitting!

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