Blankets for Asylum Seekers


Yesterday, Born to Knit delivered 35 blankets to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in West Melbourne.

The blankets, kindly donated by Born to Knit supporters, will be distributed to children and mothers with newborn babies from the asylum seeker community through the ASCR Material Aid Program.

The ASCR provides essential items to asylum seekers facing destitution and adversity, who may struggle to make it from day to day.

To see the many different places Born to Knit blankets go, check out the website!

Happy knitting!



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8 responses to “Blankets for Asylum Seekers

  1. That’s excellent news, i’ve been wondering how to get blankets to the asylum seeker mums and kids. I bought several bright pure wool colours today ready for more blanket knitting.

  2. Laura's mum

    FANTASTIC to see blankets going to asylum seekers in this cold Melbourne winter. A long weekend – a great time for my daughter (now 8) and me to shop for some wool and get started!

    • Great to hear you and your daughter will be getting invovled! We agree, knitting a blanket for Born to Knit is a great way to escape the Melbourne cold!
      We look forward to seeing what you two make!
      Born to Knit team

  3. It’s World Wide Knit in Public week starting today, lets hope lots of wonderful knitters are knitting blankets for comfort.

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