Born to Knit week one

Born to Knit was launched on June 1st and we already have 395 blankets!

Thank you to all of our valuable supporters who have already donated some beautiful blankets.  Donated blankets are already making their way to our programs in Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland, the Northern Territory and Victoria.  A Born to Knit first, we also donated 35 blankets to Melbourne’s Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

If you love to knit, then please get involved and help a child to stay warm, comfortable and protected this winter.


Happy knitting everyone!!


Warm Wishes,


The Born to Knit team



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13 responses to “Born to Knit week one

  1. Yep, i’ve made a start. Congratulations to everyone who have sent theirs in already, that’s fabulous.

  2. Margaret Carroll

    Just found this site as I like to knit for some group each winter. I live in Meredith near Geelong and Ballarat and will be able to drop in knitting to Melbourne. I am happy to collect and bring any squares from these areas or any along the way such as Hoppers Crossing, Werribee etc.
    Really glad I found it as looking for a change from beanies and jumpers. And am about to have a few weeks off after surgery next week. Looking forward to sitting in front of the fire and knitting.Off to find some wool and needles.

    • Hi Margaret- thanks for your lovely message and generous offer to assist other volunteers get their blankets and squares to Melbourne. Please let us know on which date you intend to travel, and we will ask our supporters if they can benefit from your generous offer.

      We’re glad you are enjoying knitting blankets and squares for the Born to Knit campaign. It’s a great way to escape the winter and should keep you busy after your surgery. Stay well and we look forward to seeing your lovely creations!

      Born to Knit team

  3. suzanne

    can the blankets be ‘crocheted’ into the same size blanket.

    • Hi Suzanne,
      We do accept crocheted blankets, although we prefer knitted blankets, as their tighter weave and density provides more warmth to children.

      We suggest donated blankets be around 80cm x 80cm, as this is an ideal size for new-born babies. However, we do accept knitted (and crocheted!) blankets of any size that are suitable for children.

      We appreciate everyone’s efforts and look forward to seeing your creation soon!

      Born to Knit team

  4. Margaret Carroll

    I usually come up a couple of times a month (from Meredith near Ballarat) to visit family. I will be in the Eltham/Greensborough area and also East Bentleigh so can pick up knitting from there. I am happy to provide a phone number for contact but wonder if I could do it less publicly than on the blog? I also have an email address and am happy to be contacted this way.

    • Good Morning Margaret,

      I hope you don’t mind, but we were so touched by your offer that we posted it on our facebook asking other people if they would like to make the same offer.

      If you could please email your prefered contact details to, then we can just privately message you with those people who are interested.

      Thank you again 🙂

      Happy knitting and look forward to speaking to you soon.


      Born to Knit Team

  5. mandy hawkins

    just started on my first blanket,have made them for other charities before and know how hard sewing up is ,so later when the squares come in I,d be happy to help but I live in sydney ,

    • Hi Mandy- great to hear you are getting involved with Born to Knit! Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to post out squares, but if we can find some squares in Sydney, we’ll try get them over to you. Anyone out there who has squares in Sydney that need sewing together?

  6. Laura's Mum

    Sewing up IS hard work. But if you are knitting more than one square, you could just change threads and knit the second (and even the third and fourth) all in one long strip…it still looks “patchworked”, and can be sewn together with single squares or other strips. There are other no-sew techniques for experienced knitters, but this one is as simple as the basic squares thenmselves!

  7. Carrie Kiernan

    Just started knitting a square and I have done a few rows and measured my work which is nearly 26cms wide I am using 4mm needles and 8 ply wool. Should I decrease the number of stitches so the work will measure 20cms?
    I knitted squares into blaktes last year and the year before but can not remember what i did…..any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks, Carrie

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