Children need warmth and comfort right here in Australia too


Some blankets knitted by this year’s Born to Knit supporters have already been distributed to children in Australia through Save the Children programs.  While many people in Australia have the basics they need this winter, some children and families are not so well off.  These blankets are a welcome comfort, helping to keep children warm and protect against colds.



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12 responses to “Children need warmth and comfort right here in Australia too

  1. hello do the squares have to be in pure wool.keep up the good work .ihave sent same more squares for yoyu .regards dulcie

    • Evening Dulcie,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      As pure wool is warmer and a lot more fire retardent we do prefer blankets to be made out of those. Also a lot more comfortable for the children 🙂

      With this said we do accept acrylic wool as well.

      Happy knitting!

  2. Lovely pics, very encouraging. I’m knitting faster!!

    • Laura's Mum

      Yes – sooooo chilly in Melbourne today (8 degrees at lunchtime). Delightful and heartwarming pictures. So glad that my child is involved with me in this, such a “real” experience with the possibility for conversations about social justice issues.

    • Always so enthusiastic, we love it KaiteM!

      • Laura's mum

        We have started sewing up and weaving in ends on two blankets, with a few extra squares left over. Actually, I get to do most of the sewing!

  3. Janette

    hi, i came across an article in a recent magazine & decided to knit some squares for a very worthwhile cause – i haven’t knitted in years & even got my 24 year old daughter knitting she has completed one square. I have about 12 squares knitted so will get them in mail this week

    keep up the fantastic work

    • Hi Janette,
      Great to hear you are getting out your needles and getting involved with Born to Knit! We hope your daughter has also enjoyed learning, and we look forward to seeing your knitting. Your efforts are much appreciated.
      Happy knitting!
      Born to Knit Team

  4. Jen

    Hi,when is the finishing date and also do you prefer the squares knitted in a certain stitch or is it open to any type.

    • Hi Jen,
      Thanks for your enquiry.
      We will need all the blankets and squares to us by the end of September, so we can get them all sorted and distributed. We are not strict on how the squares can be joined together, so it’s really up to the stitch you want to use. Most people either knit, crochet, blanket stitch or granny stitch them together. We look forward to receiving your creations and happy knitting!
      – BTK Team-

      • Laura's mum

        I think Jen wanted to know about the actual knitting. Garter stitch is the one suggested in the instructions, both because it is warm (close knit) and simple for everyone and sits flat and doesn’t curl up (like stocking stitch). But if you look at the photos, people vary this with diagonal garter stitch (where you increase as you go along from corner to corner) and mitred squares (where you start big and then decrease), and other patterns that sit flat for sewing. Compatible sizes and warmth seem to be the two main considerations.

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