Please, blankets and squares only

The Born to Knit team has been inspired by the amazing amount of beautifully knitted blankets and squares we have already received from supporters- many thanks!

We have also received a large number of knitted items that are neither blankets nor squares.  Unfortunately, as lovely as these items are, we do not have the resources to accept and distribute knitted goods other than blankets and squares.

If you want to donate your hand knitted clothes and toys to a good cause, we encourage you to send them to ‘Knit One Give One’ (KOGO). KOGO accept all knitted items that are not blankets and squares and do great work with disadvantaged communities.

Please send all knitted goods other than blankets and squares to KOGO – they have many drop-off points around Victoria, and also accept donations by mail.

Thank you for your understanding.

We are very much looking forward to receiving the blankets and squares that are being so lovingly created.

Happy knitting!



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8 responses to “Please, blankets and squares only

  1. I would like to register but your drop of points to select pharmacy are not available for customers to register in Q.L.D. As I travel around Australia & enjoy knitting small items for charities & noticed your site Born to Knit & would love to get ideas & patterns to use up all my spare wool which is handed down to Me for just this purpose. Please help me in finding a way to get into your registered site. Thank you. Trish Turner

  2. Morning Trish,

    Thank you for your post. Our website is open and free for everyone to view :). The site has a range of information including messages from the public, our blanket tally as well as our new and exciting ‘knit a virtual blanket’ platform.

    A great thing about Born to Knit is that we allow all of our knitters to be as creative as possible with their patterns. So feel free to go wild and use your spare wool as you best see fit :).

    Can’t wait to see your creations.


    Born to Knit Team

  3. A

    Hello there!

    I have knitted my square according to the instructions and I find that my square measures to about 20.5cm. Is that normal/ alright?

    Thank you! (:

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thanks for your message. Your squares of 20.5cm are completely normal and alright. We request squares be 20cm x 20cm, so volunteer sewers can assemble blankets easier. But wool is very pliable, and we’ll be glad to turn those squares into beautiful blankets.
      Happy knitting,
      Born to Knit Team

  4. Lara Evans

    Hi, I was wondering if only knitted squares are accepted? Would closely crocheted squares of 8 ply wool be okay? I would only use stitches that look as tight as knitting and not lacy or granny square styles. It is just that I prefer crocheting and find it much quicker.
    Looking forward to your response, thank you.

    • Hi Lara,

      Ideally, squares and blankets should be knitted according to our specifications. Knitted squares and blankets have a tighter weave and therefore, can keep a child warmer.

      However, if you prefer crocheting square or blanket, we will gladly accept it as a donation.

  5. Heather

    Hi, I have my wool and needles to start knitting but can’t find anything to tell me how many stitches per square.

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