Meet Born to Knit volunteer, Margaret from Meredith!


Please meet one of our fantastic volunteers, Margaret from Meredith VIC! Whilst resting after surgery, Margaret has not been idle at all. Instead, she has taken this opportunity to eat lots of chocolate, read and KNIT. She even started a weekly knitting group with her neighbour to knit squares.

Margaret has also kindly offered to pick up any squares or blankets from  Meredith. She can also pick up knitting from Ballarat when she goes there for shopping. She can even pick up from Eltham and Bentleigh East, whilst she is visiting her sons! So if you need a hand getting your knitted squares or blankets to us from these areas, please let us know and we’ll get you connected!

Margaret and her neighbour Lyne have also put up a Born to Knit flyer at the Meredith Roadhouse. Thanks for spreading the word ladies!

Born to Knit is possible due to the efforts and enthusiasm of our many supporters, so thank you very much Margaret for your incredible support. Your extra effort will be appreciated by the children who receive these lovely blankets, and we hope you’re enjoying your resting time!

Check out the Born to Knit website to see how other volunteers and community groups get involved with Born to Knit!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit?! Write to us at so we can share your story!



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2 responses to “Meet Born to Knit volunteer, Margaret from Meredith!

  1. Update from Margaret- her group is up to 25 squares!

  2. Margaret just came into the Born to Knit HQ in Collingwood to drop off 47 squares knitted by herself and her neighbour Lyne. Great work!
    She also dropped off 35 squares from another woman in the community, and a huge bundle of 186 small squares. Thanks for your ongoing support Marg! And happy knitting!
    – Born to Knit Team –

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