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Knit ‘n’ Sip brings teachers together for Born to Knit!


We got a lovely email from Kelly in WA, who let us know about her recent Born to Knit efforts with friends and colleagues from the WA Institute for Deaf Education in Perth!

“We are a group of 5 Teachers of the Deaf from the WA Institute for Deaf Education in Perth.  A few of us are keen knitters and a couple of us are first timers, but as a previous employee of Save the Children I was keen to support Born to Knit and my friends were happy to jump on board. 

We have had one Knit ‘n’ Sip evening together, but mostly just knit away of an evening in front of the TV.

I thought you might like this photo of Lucy, my border collie, who is always keen to help out!” 

Thanks so much for your email Kelly! It’s great to hear a previous Save the Children employee gettting behnid Born to Knit, and your group at the WA Institute for Deaf Education sound like a productive bunch. We do hope your “Knit ‘n’ Sips” continue and we look forward to receiving your creations!! Your efforts will help keep children in need warm.


We rely on community members such as Kelly (and Lucy!) to help spread the word about Born to Knit. Are you having a “Knit ‘n’ Sip” for Born to Knit? Then we’d love to hear from you! Email us at



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Schools get knitting with Born to Knit!

A big thank you to the schools who have been getting involved in the Born to Knit 2012 Campaign.

Today Born to Knit received our latest school delivery of eight beautiful blankets from the Lidcombe Public School in NSW.  Thanks very much for your continuous support and wonderful knitting. We were delighted with the different patterns and colours of these blankets!!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit? Let us know! We’d love to see your creations, so email us at

Happy Knitting!! 🙂


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Creative knitting

We receive so much lovely knitting from all over the country, so we thought we would share some with you all!

Today, we received 3 beautiful blankets donated from Trish in Caringbah NSW.  She also attached a heart-warming message:

“I believe rainbows are angels coming to play and bring us protection, love, blessings and happiness.  My wish is for this rainbow wrap to cover you like angel wings with comfort and warmth.  Love and light- Trish”

Thanks very much for your encouraging words and wonderful knitting Trish!  We really enjoy seeing how creative our supporters can get with different designs, patterns and colours!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit? Let us know! Send us pictures of your creative flair at


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Handmade Highstreet are Born to Knit!

The wonderful craft luminaries at Handmade Highstreet in Brisbane are holding a Knit In for Born to Knit!

Since opening in Annerley in December last year, Handmade Highstreet has quickly become a community hub for all things craft. They provide floorspace for local designers to sell and display their creations, and also run workshops from screenprinting to embroidery.

They recently opened up a new workshop space where their Born to Knit knit-in will be held! Everyone is welcome, and seasoned knitters will be on hand to assist beginners.

Anyone interested is warmly invited to come along and help knit squares in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere!

Date: Thursday 9th August 3pm- 8pm (come after work!)

Address: Handmade Highstreet Workshop

10/478 Ipswich Road, Annerley Arcade, Annerley QLD 4103

Phone: 0432 307 300

More details can be found on the Handmade highstreet site, our website and the facebook event!

Many thanks to Kath and her team at Handmade Highstreet for making this event possible, and we hope many Brisbane knitters will come down and support this event!


Born to Knit relies on community groups such as those at Handmade Highstreet to spread the word. If you’re holding a Knit-in for Born to Knit, we’d love to hear from you! Email us at


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Friends come together for Born to Knit!

We got a lovely email from on-going supporter Suzanne, (right in photo) who has rallied her friends and other enthusiastic knitters to get together for Born to Knit!

“I took part in the Born to Knit campaign last year.  I mentioned it to my friend Gloria  (left in photo) and told her that when the campaign finished I intended to keep knitting and when the campaign for 2012 was announced we would have blankets to bring straight into Save the Children.  Gloria mentioned the squares to her friend Rona (centre in photo) and she decided to help. 

Knitting squares  and making blankets is not really difficult for us,  and even though it is a small thing,  for a child who is cold it may mean alot. 

Since Rona became involved, Gloria has approached other friends of hers, namely Marge and Elizabeth,  and they too, are knitting squares.  My job,  apart from knitting myself,  is to put all the squares together.  We are all so lucky we live in this wonderful country.”

Thanks so much Suzanne for your lovely email and ongoing support. You’ve gathered a wonderful group of knitters for Born to Knit, and we’re really grateful for your group’s support. Indeed, a blanket for a child can mean alot.

Happy knitting!


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Away from the computer screen for some blanket sewing time!


Yesterday our knitting room was again full of energy and productivity.  A group of 13 corporate volunteers escaped their computer screens while donating their time sewing some knitted squares into blankets for Born to Knit.

Although it was a slow start, after a short while the room was a buzz of productivity and enthusiasm.  Everyone had a great time making beautifully colourful blankets to keep needy children warm. By the end of the day everyone involved had completed a blanket, with some super fast sewers finishing up to three blankets!  A few stitchers became so involved that they even took some squares home to do in their spare time, awesome!!

The result, 18 blankets! …And lots of fun.  Great job guys!

Thanks for your contribution!  We agree, coming in as a work group to knit or sew squares is a great way for workplaces to contribute to a good cause and have a really fun day.  No experience needed!  If you would like to come and help us, simply email us at

Happy knitting! … And of course happy sewing too!


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Nasir Sudanese community receive blankets at Dandenong playspace

The Dandenong Uniting Church was bursting with energetic, happy children over the weekend when Save the Children ran a community playspace for the Nasir Sudanese Community. While the kids were happily playing, their parent attended a Child Protection forum organised by the Child Safety Commissioner Victoria, where they learn more about child protection systems and the role of community in supporting each other.

As parents came to pick up their children, they were invited to take a Born to Knit blanket to keep their little ones warm this winter.

Through Save the Children programs, Born to Knit blankets reach many families in need, including new migrants and refugees in Australia. Thanks to all our knitters who have donated blankets that help keep children warm!

Happy knitting!


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