Born to Knit blankets come to the aid of two staff in one very ‘woolly’ situation


During the week, Save the Children Australia launched its Playground and Mobile Youth Service program in Wilcannia, NSW. Wilcannia is approximately 1000km NW of Sydney and from Sydney it takes almost 13hrs to drive there.

Two dedicated program staff were driving the brand new Mobile Youth Service van (picture above) to Wilcannia, when a minor mishap caused the engine to stop working only 1hr from their destination. Due to the remoteness of their location it took almost 4hrs to be rescued.

‘But the engine doesn’t work and it is -4 degrees outside, so how did they stay warm,’  you ask?


Lucky for these two staff, the van was packed full of blankets ready to be given to the wonderful children living in Wilcannia.

Needless to say, these two staff members were very grateful for the warmth provided by the lovely knitters of Australia.

On behalf of those two staff members, we thank you for your generosity.

Happy knitting!!



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2 responses to “Born to Knit blankets come to the aid of two staff in one very ‘woolly’ situation

  1. Would have made a great photo, 2 staffers under a mountain of blankets!

  2. They certainly kept some staffers in need warm!

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