Away from the computer screen for some blanket sewing time!


Yesterday our knitting room was again full of energy and productivity.  A group of 13 corporate volunteers escaped their computer screens while donating their time sewing some knitted squares into blankets for Born to Knit.

Although it was a slow start, after a short while the room was a buzz of productivity and enthusiasm.  Everyone had a great time making beautifully colourful blankets to keep needy children warm. By the end of the day everyone involved had completed a blanket, with some super fast sewers finishing up to three blankets!  A few stitchers became so involved that they even took some squares home to do in their spare time, awesome!!

The result, 18 blankets! …And lots of fun.  Great job guys!

Thanks for your contribution!  We agree, coming in as a work group to knit or sew squares is a great way for workplaces to contribute to a good cause and have a really fun day.  No experience needed!  If you would like to come and help us, simply email us at

Happy knitting! … And of course happy sewing too!



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2 responses to “Away from the computer screen for some blanket sewing time!

  1. Great team work, well done everyone.

  2. We’re very grateful for all our volunteers and are glad to see they have fun with us too!

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