Friends come together for Born to Knit!

We got a lovely email from on-going supporter Suzanne, (right in photo) who has rallied her friends and other enthusiastic knitters to get together for Born to Knit!

“I took part in the Born to Knit campaign last year.  I mentioned it to my friend Gloria  (left in photo) and told her that when the campaign finished I intended to keep knitting and when the campaign for 2012 was announced we would have blankets to bring straight into Save the Children.  Gloria mentioned the squares to her friend Rona (centre in photo) and she decided to help. 

Knitting squares  and making blankets is not really difficult for us,  and even though it is a small thing,  for a child who is cold it may mean alot. 

Since Rona became involved, Gloria has approached other friends of hers, namely Marge and Elizabeth,  and they too, are knitting squares.  My job,  apart from knitting myself,  is to put all the squares together.  We are all so lucky we live in this wonderful country.”

Thanks so much Suzanne for your lovely email and ongoing support. You’ve gathered a wonderful group of knitters for Born to Knit, and we’re really grateful for your group’s support. Indeed, a blanket for a child can mean alot.

Happy knitting!



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4 responses to “Friends come together for Born to Knit!

  1. Eileen Lampard

    Hi this is my first season knitting squares, i just want to know how long we have to make squares and how the total is going for blankets. Regards Eileen Lampard.

    • Hi Eileen,
      Thanks for your interest in Born to Knit. We are accepting donations until the 30th September, so you have two and a half months of knitting to go! We have received 1075 blankets from this year’s campaign, and aim to get 6500, so we have a long way to go still! More information about the campaign, and the current tally can be found at our website:
      Happy knitting!

  2. Lovely to see that coffee table covered in blanket squares and three big smiles knitting more. BTW i posted off my first blanket of the year to you yesterday, all finished, nothing to do but hand it to a child who needs it.

    • Yes! Suzanne has gathered a really industrious group of knitters together! We look forward to receiving your first blanket Kaite. Many thanks to everyone for their support.

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