Creative knitting

We receive so much lovely knitting from all over the country, so we thought we would share some with you all!

Today, we received 3 beautiful blankets donated from Trish in Caringbah NSW.  She also attached a heart-warming message:

“I believe rainbows are angels coming to play and bring us protection, love, blessings and happiness.  My wish is for this rainbow wrap to cover you like angel wings with comfort and warmth.  Love and light- Trish”

Thanks very much for your encouraging words and wonderful knitting Trish!  We really enjoy seeing how creative our supporters can get with different designs, patterns and colours!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit? Let us know! Send us pictures of your creative flair at



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4 responses to “Creative knitting

  1. Beautiful knitting Trish and i love the way you have made multicoloured triangles. The heartfelt message is very comforting, such a lovely idea.

  2. Patricia Morgan

    Thank you Kaite for your kind words and thank you Born to Knit for your lovely thank you card. It was my grandmother who taught me to knit and I’m sure she would be very happy if she were still with us to know that all those lessons were helping to keep those less fortunate warm.

    • Laura's mum

      My grandmother taught me to knit, too, as did Laura’s grandmother (I think it takes one extra degree of separation to get the patience levels right, so we leap-frog the generations)!

  3. Thank you Trish and thank you to your grandmother for those lessons too. Your beautiful knitting will help more children in need to stay warm.

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