Knit ‘n’ Sip brings teachers together for Born to Knit!


We got a lovely email from Kelly in WA, who let us know about her recent Born to Knit efforts with friends and colleagues from the WA Institute for Deaf Education in Perth!

“We are a group of 5 Teachers of the Deaf from the WA Institute for Deaf Education in Perth.  A few of us are keen knitters and a couple of us are first timers, but as a previous employee of Save the Children I was keen to support Born to Knit and my friends were happy to jump on board. 

We have had one Knit ‘n’ Sip evening together, but mostly just knit away of an evening in front of the TV.

I thought you might like this photo of Lucy, my border collie, who is always keen to help out!” 

Thanks so much for your email Kelly! It’s great to hear a previous Save the Children employee gettting behnid Born to Knit, and your group at the WA Institute for Deaf Education sound like a productive bunch. We do hope your “Knit ‘n’ Sips” continue and we look forward to receiving your creations!! Your efforts will help keep children in need warm.


We rely on community members such as Kelly (and Lucy!) to help spread the word about Born to Knit. Are you having a “Knit ‘n’ Sip” for Born to Knit? Then we’d love to hear from you! Email us at



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4 responses to “Knit ‘n’ Sip brings teachers together for Born to Knit!

  1. I’d love to teach my dog to knit but he might put too much fur on the wrap, hah ha. What i really want to know tho is what is the final date for sending them to you this year? My Mum has 7 squares ready to send but she could continue and make more or even a full blanket if there’s more time. Thanks, please let us know when you can.

  2. Can you please give me contact details either phone or email for”born to knit” in Western Australia. I wish to enquire about making donations from my craft group.

    • Hi Giuliana,

      Thank you for message. Knitted squares and blankets for Born to Knit 2012 can be sent directly to our Born to Knit headquarters in Victoria:

      Born to Knit
      Save the Children Australia
      42 Dight St
      VIC 3066

      You can also drop off your donations at a local Save the Children state office which are listed here –

      Or you can drop off at local Save the Children Australia retail store which are listed here –

      Our campaign concludes at the end of September, and we look forward to receiving your knitted donations,

      Regards, the Born to Knit Team

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