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Blankets to Red Cross Migrant Support Program


For those of you following the blog over the past three months, you would have already seen that we have distributed hundreds and hundreds of blankets through Save the Children programs around Australia.

With this year’s campaign being so popular, we have been given more blankets then our local programs can cope with.

But not to worry! To ensure that every blanket donated to us is put into the arms of a child in need, we have established a partnership with the local Australian Red Cross Migrant Support Program. The majority of program participants are asylum seekers on bridging Visa’s who are living in the community but are ineligible for many mainstream support services including Centrelink.  Coming from immigration detention, they are unprepared for community life in Australia and have little means to purchase the most basic of goods such as clothing, blankets, bedding and other essential living necessities. This program provides material aid directly to those who are most vulnerable.

Donors should never underestimate the positive impact something like a blanket can have on the mental and physical health of newly arrived migrants.

Both Save the Children and the Red Cross greatly appreciate your wonderful contribution.

Please continue to send the blankets to us as we will continue to distribute these blankets to children in need.

Happy knitting!



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Woombye State School and its community are Born to Knit!


Woombye State School jumped on board the Born to Knit campaign.

They really got involved by setting up a weekly knitting group for students where parents, grandparents and family friends got together to teach the students and staff how to knit. The community shared this spirit and not only donated knitted squares, but also their time over the holidays to help sew the squares together into wonderful blankets.

The blankets donated by the Woombye State School in QLD will help needy children stay warm and comfortable during winter. The school has also helped to raise awareness among students and people in their community about the conditions that some children live in around the world.

It’s great to see communities getting together and supporting Born to Knit!

Thanks for your support!  If you still have some knitted work to send to us, now is time!

Happy Knitting!

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Born to knit campaign has 6 weeks to go!!

Have you been knitting for Born to Knit?

Our successful Born to Knit campaign has just 6 weeks to go, so it’s time to complete the knitting and send it in!

Thank you to our valuable volunteers from all over Australia who have been involved with Born to Knit.  We really appreciate all your support and the time spent knitting squares and blankets, and helping us to sew up the beautiful donated squares into blankets for needy children.

If you still have some squares or blankets for us, now is time to get your knitted work ready and send them in.

Knitted squares and blankets can be dropped off or posted directly to Born to Knit HQ in Collingwood:

Born to Knit

Save the Children Australia

42 Dight St


VIC 3066

We look forward to receiving your knitted donations soon!

Happy knitting!


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Lee-Anne and Val are Born to Knit!

We want to share a little bit of the creativity and inspiration that got Lee-Anne and Val from Ranelagh – TAS knitting for Born to Knit.

At the beginning of June, Take 5 magazine published an article about the Born to Knit campaign and Lee-Anne and Val just “couldn’t wait to get knitting”. They have been knitting together since this time and have made three wonderful 100% wool blankets!  They have even made a start on the fourth one.  Thank you guys for your continuous support.

Their blankets always arrived beautifully wrapped and with an inspiring and warm little note. We rely on volunteers such as Lee-Anne and Val to make this possible, together we will keep more children warm and protected during the winter.  Happy Knitting for both of you!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit? We’d love to share your story, so email us at

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Meet Claire and Kevin from Frankston!

Claire and her husband Kevin from Frankston came over to the Born to Knit HQ in Collingwood to drop off a whole suitcase full of knitted blankets for Born to Knit. We were with Claire as she unloaded her donated blankets from her fabulous turquoise suitcase!


How did you hear about Born to Knit?

I heard about Save the Children a few years ago and then read an article in a magazine, so I got my husband to look up Born to Knit on the internet.


Have you knitted before?

My mum taught me how to knit many years ago, but I’ve only been knitting for about 3-5 years.


Why the lapse?

Having children! Haha… Life gets in the way!

It’s good to do something useful when listening to the radio or watching TV. I like listening to a lot of radio, so I always get the clackers out then!


And you like knitting?

I really enjoy knitting, especially the plain stuff. I used the diagonal stich for one blanket, which looks great and is very easy to learn. I tried knitting a jumper for my husband once, but it didn’t turn out too well, so now I mainly stick to blankets and squares.


Well that makes you the perfect Born to Knit supporter! Would you recommend others to get involved with Born to Knit?
Absolutely- knitting keeps arthritic fingers at bay!


Thanks for your time Claire! It was wonderful to meet you, and we hope others will also ‘get their clackers out’ for Born to Knit!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit? We’d love to hear your story! Drop us a line at

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More creative knitting!

Look at this amazing knitted blanket from a generous and talented Born to Knit supporter!

This beautiful blanket is made up of 16 different squares, each showcasing a different pattern and stitch. The effect is a knitting sampler blanket showing the diverse textures of knitting, and the knitters talent! What a fantastic effort!

Everyone at Born to Knit HQ were in awe of this gem, and we hope it inspires all our supporters out there to keep on knitting! We look forward to distributing this beautiful creation to a child in need.

We do ask knitters to use ‘plain knitting’ for squares, as it guarantees warmth and assists other volunteers who sew squares together. But this blanket demonstrates how different stitches can be decorative, and still warm and square.

If you are bored of plain knitting, and are ready for a challenge- why not attempt a sampler blanket such as this one?

We found a collection of knitting patterns here- check em out!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit and have some creative knitting? We’d love to see it! Let us know at


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Bella the cat is Born to Knit!


We love hearing from people who get together for a good ‘knit and natter’, it’s a great way to relax, catch up with friends, and do something for a cause!
We got a lovely email from Anne, who goes to a monthly ‘knit and natter’ in Melbourne. Despite not being a knitter herself, Anne still attends with enthusiasm and helps sew knitted squares together. Over the last 2 winters, she has assembled over 50 blankets! – what a fantastic effort!! She’ll be gearing up her efforts to ensure her completed blankets reach us before September 30th 2012, when Born to Knit finishes for the year!

Anne’s cat Bella has been ‘helping’ Anne sew blankets together. Unfortunately, Bella seems most adamant with getting her ears sewn together whilst Anne is trying to sew. Luckily, Anne’s deft fingers have avoided a sewing related disaster thus far!

Thanks for letting us know about your group’s activities Anne, and sharing a photo of your lovely Bella! We love it when volunteers such as yourself take home squares from our Born to Knit HQ in Collingwood, and return them all sewn up and ready for a child!

Born to Knit relies on community volunteers such as Anne to knit and sew. If you are knitting or sewing for Born to Knit, we’d love to share your story! So send us an email at

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