More creative knitting!

Look at this amazing knitted blanket from a generous and talented Born to Knit supporter!

This beautiful blanket is made up of 16 different squares, each showcasing a different pattern and stitch. The effect is a knitting sampler blanket showing the diverse textures of knitting, and the knitters talent! What a fantastic effort!

Everyone at Born to Knit HQ were in awe of this gem, and we hope it inspires all our supporters out there to keep on knitting! We look forward to distributing this beautiful creation to a child in need.

We do ask knitters to use ‘plain knitting’ for squares, as it guarantees warmth and assists other volunteers who sew squares together. But this blanket demonstrates how different stitches can be decorative, and still warm and square.

If you are bored of plain knitting, and are ready for a challenge- why not attempt a sampler blanket such as this one?

We found a collection of knitting patterns here- check em out!

Are you knitting for Born to Knit and have some creative knitting? We’d love to see it! Let us know at



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6 responses to “More creative knitting!

  1. It’s beautiful but for now i think i’ll stick to plain garter stitch. In the USA i think they would call this blanket an ‘afghan’ rug.

  2. Yes, a lovely blanket, but the skill level to create it is a bit beyond us, so we will be sticking to plain knitting for now too! Happy knitting all!
    – Born to Knit Team –

  3. Cate

    Wow what a beautiful blanket!

    I posted my blanket on Saturday – nowhere near as complex as the creation above. I decided to knit strips the length of 4 squares, changing colours as I went. This meant less sewing (yeh) & fewer seams.

    Loved the photos of the dog & cat helpers. I hate to imagine how my dear old puss, now in cat heaven, would have helped. He would have made a rat’s nest of my wool.

    • Hi Cate!
      Yes- many of our knitters have been sending in 4 strips, and our volunteers have appreciated the smaller amount of sewing needed to create the completed blankets!
      I think alot of our volunteers have cat & dog helpers who enjoy the knitting down time. Happy knitting to all our supporters and their helpers!
      – Born to Knit Team –

  4. Jan Carson

    What is your address to post to

    • Thank you Jan for your message,

      Knitted squares and blankets can be dropped off or posted directly to Born to Knit HQ in Collingwood:

      Born to Knit
      Save the Children Australia
      42 Dight St
      VIC 3066

      Thank you and we look forward to receiving your knitted donations.

      Happy knitting!

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